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  1. **Note: I'm new to wordpress and my major isn't about computers so excuse me if I'm bit far or didn't know some of the technical terms**    Website URL: www.tycoonje.com Framework Version:  WordPress Version: 3.5.2 Plugins in Use: Server/Host: Screenshots/ Video link:   http://screencast.com/t/1HUw4ZDGAr1 Details:  I'm using DMS and trying to modify a blog post page by adding a 2 Column Layout to the template section. The problem is that whenever I try to add the Post Loop component to one of the columns, the other one reallocates itself below the first column. Moreover, the reallocated column (whether empty or has another plugin added to it) doesn't allow me to modify its size nor I can move it at all.  I've included a video link explaining everything.
  2. I'd like to make blog pages be a set number of posts per page including sticky posts. It looks like the way WP works is to add on all the sticky posts to the 'Blog pages show at most' WP setting - so if you have 2 sticky posts and have set the 'Blog pages show at most' setting to 10 the first blog page will show 12 post. I'd prefer that every page only shows 10 posts - so the first blog page would show 2 sticky posts + 8 'normal' posts = 10 posts on the page. I'm guessing this would mean using a base child theme and altering 'the loop' somehow? Any help much appreciated.
  3. I need to add a custom post type to all post queries (blog, tags, category, search, etc). In wordpress it is achieved by: add_filter('pre_get_posts', 'query_post_type'); function query_post_type($query) { if(is_category() || is_tag()) { $post_type = get_query_var('post_type'); if($post_type) $post_type = $post_type; else $post_type = array('post','gor_map_items'); $query->set('post_type',$post_type); return $query; } } For some reason pagelines ignores this change (which is currently working in existing theme), so I implemented a new section like the example above but the pagination does not work. How can I get pagelines not to ignore the above code or use a pagelines hook to fix the problem? Help needed. Thank you, Simon
  4. Post loop problem

    I have a site that uses custom post types for members. I used Types and Views to create the custom post types and the queries that show specific members. I created views to show specialities for member type. For example a member type could be culinary and within culinary, I have chef, caterer, etc. Take a look at this page on the right sidebar and you'll see the specialties for this member type listed. Unfortunately, for some reason I can't get this link to resolve from this post so please go to the home page and then click on member directory and then culinary. http://www.whidbeylifemagazine.org So what is supposed to happen is the visitor would click on say "chef" and only those members with "chef" as one of their specialties (category) will display and this is what happens with the culinary members. However with all other member types: visual, dance, music, literary, and theater this does not happen. Instead, it lists the specialites for each of these member types correctly but then if you click on "sculpture" for instance from the visual directory, it lists all posts instead of the ones that just have sculpture. You can see this here: http://www.whidbeylifemagazine.org/visual-specialty/sculpture/ I can't figure out what I did differently for the culinary members that the categories work for them and not the other member types. Somehow it seems to me that the WordPress loop isn't working right for these members. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Please, can someone help me with this basic task? I just need to move up line "Tagged with:" just under post title. Is there any easy way how to reorganize order of elements in post loop? I am using PageLines Framework ver 2.3.