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  1. CSS by screen size?

    On this site I'm developing I am using this snippet of CSS to adjust the position of text in my fixednav. .navbar .navline { position:relative; left:-29px; !important; } It works perfectly on a desktop sized browser window. However, when the window drops in size and reflows for mobile viewing, the menu items begin off to the left of the screen. About 29px to the left, I'd guess. The question is - I don't know much about responsive design. Is there a way to specify that this piece of custom CSS should only apply ABOVE a certain page width? Thanks for ideas! -CP
  2. I'm trying to add a border between the left sidebar and the main column and I'm finding it impossible. Here's some details with the problem... If I add a border on the left sidebar, on it's left or right side, the whole sidebar gets pushed underneath the main column. I'm guessing because it's too wide. Because if I add a margin on the left sidebar I get the same result. Whereas padding works fine- If I add a border to the left or right of the main column, the left sidebar is pushed down. The right sidebar seems to stay intact no matter what I do to it. And changing the right sidebar doesn't effect the left sidebar. Would appreciate any advice, thanks.