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  1. Filterable Portfolio ?

    Hi   Is there a filtareble portfolio section or plugin we can use. It has to have the capability of showing projects that contain more than one image, or a vimeo videoOf couerse a description as well.   Thanks Gonzalo    
  2. Hi Nick, Please see link. How do I populate that text in the first field (the one with the scroll)? http://flagstonesearchmarketing.com/website-design-portfolio Thanks!
  3. Hey Nick- Is it possible to create a link to a new page from the portfolio sections? in other words, i want each portfolio tile to be able to take the user to a new page where i can speak more to each one. i cannot find an option do that (though i'm wondering if you might be able to just embed a link to the page from within the desc? would you have to use your shortcode for that?)