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  1. Greetings Have a site I'm updating from DMS2 to PL5. cassclayton.com becoming cassclayton.com/upgrde Although Popthumbs says it is supposed to open specified links in a new window, it does infact open in same window. Client wants the radio station icons at bottom of https://cassclayton.com/upgrade to open a new tab/window and not just leave her site. How do I get Popthumbs to behave correctly? "PRO" is checked and account is linked to my Pagelines account. Is there conflict that the old site https://cassclayton.com/ in DMS2 and https://cassclayton.com/upgrade using PL5 are both linked to my PL account even though and https://cassclayton.com/upgrade is PL5? and other DMS2? Is this causing conflicts? So close to launching this puppy and deleting the https://cassclayton.com/ DMS version... Any help would be appreciated.
  2. How can I save a page in one Platform 5 site for upload to a different site? Have a site in which there are a couple extensive extensive Portfolio pages made with Popthumbs, buttons and text sections. Clients are going their separate ways and need to split site into 2 different sites. I'd hate to have to recreate these pages. There MUST be a simple way to download a page and it's content from one site and upload it to a new site - not recreate the whole site, just selected (popthumbs) pages. Did asearch in forum for this and got zero results. Investigated the save/load templates extension but don't see how that can work for this case. Thanks for advise. je
  3. Popthums margin between images

    How to control spaces between images ? I can control section padding from left and right side but not between images. Could someone help me?