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  1. I am facing an unsual problem.   Poppy works like a charm, perfectly, except when I use "[email protected]" as the email message address. If I enter this specific email address in the poppy specific settings or the general wordpress settings (as main address), when I hit Send Message from within the pop-up window I get Unknown wp_mail() error.   Again, the problem comes up with that specific email address (I have tried up to 7 different ones and all work great), and as you can imagine, I need it to work with this specific address. Any thoughts?  
  2. Hi,   I'm using Poppy plugin in the new DMS system. I'm trying to disable the Captcha but with no success. After altering the necessary and saving the changes and refreshing the web page, the captcha remains availbale.   Here is a video link showing a demonstration of what i am doing.   http://screencast.com/t/URCNJN0h39     Thanks.
  3. Hi, does anyone know how I might go about changing the email address that receives messages from the Poppy form on my site? It's sending them to my personal mailbox, as that's what I've got listed in the Wordpress account, but I'd like it to send them to the main mailbox for my business. I know I can change the email address Wordpress has on file to do this, but I'd rather keep that one as my own, since I'm not the one who regularly checks the business email. Thanks!   PS site is http://phillydogschool.com if it matters.
  4. How can I customize a Masthead button so that it will launch Poppy? 
  5. I added the poppy plugin and used it in my site. The only problem is that when it pops and I want to cancel, I try the close button but it doesn't close the pop up screen. I have to refresh the page so that it goes away. Even when a message is sent, it gives me a "great job, your message was sent" but still can't close the window. Any ideas? See here: http://staging.eatingcookingfooding.com/faq Thanks
  6. Poppy admin don't show

    I bought the poppy plugin and I don't have any admin area to configure the plugin...Is it normal? I'd like a rapid positive answer please!!! Thanks in advance
  7. Hi! Is there any way to adjust the button (color, no rounded corners etc) of the poppy form in the custom css? By the way, the extra field is not properly shown in the e-mail. It looks like this: Name: E Email:[email protected] Contents ======= test User Info. ========= IP: Screen Res: 1440x900 Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.31 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/26.0.1410.64 Safari/537.31 telefoon: 000 And the sender looks like this: From: WordPress <[email protected]> Thanks! Eva
  8. Is there a way to trigger the Poppy plugin from the link field of the hero or masthead unit? I tried a couple of formats and none seemed to work. Since this is a contact plugin I would think triggering it from the typical call to action units would be expected and/or appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Can you explain to me how to use the captcha as in the example? Have installed a captcha plugin, but it does not show up. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Hi, the poppy plugin has a big design issue! The senders mailadress is set as the "from" for the e-mail. If the senders mail provider has SPF (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sender_Policy_Framework) enabeld, and almost all have, the mail gets bounced because the server running pagelines on is not allowed to send mail in the name of the sender... So the plugin is kind of useless because 90% of the messages will never arrive but get bounced... As a solution I suggest adding a "from" field in the options. There one needs to add a mailadress that the web-server is allowed to send mails from. The senders mailadress needs to be moved to the body of the e-mail! BTW: There is no "Topic Prefix" for the poppy plugin, so I posted it to the "Hooker"...
  11. Hi, I see something strange with poppy. Our wordpress admin-area is secured via .htaccess password protection for the folder /wp-admin/ - not a bad idea in general =) When a users hits the "send message" button in poppy, he is promted the login for the /wp-admin/ folder. So something is really not working here with your plugin... Go and try it on our webpage - support should see the link to the page in my profile. There please click on "Kontaktformular" on the upper left side. You do not have to enter anything, not even the captcha. Just hit "send message" - you will see the problem...