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  1. Hi Pagelines, I'm using Polylang to translate my site. It works mostly well. After the last update to Polylang 0.9.5 my website looked garbled. Contacting the dev about this he answered the following. Maybe this is interesting for you too. I deleted the mentioned code completely and it worked well. But maybe to be backward compatible it should be the replaced code. I know that I might have to delete the code again if Pagelines gets updated any day soon. Anyway, I thought I let you know. Jan ------Chouby wrote------- In Pagelines code, there is an attempt to be compatible with Polylang However, it does not seem to work as expected. In file includes/class.render.css.php (line 349 in 3.7.9): if ( defined( 'PLL_INC') ) { global $post; $lang = Polylang_Base::get_post_language( $post->ID ); return sprintf( '%s/%s/', get_home_url(), $lang->slug ); } should be replaced by: if (function_exists('pll_home_url')) return pll_home_url(); or even completely removed (Polylang supports the equivalent function of WPML 'icl_get_home_url' since 0.9.4) Changing this may solve the issue. ----------------------------
  2. Hi, I've done quite a bit of reading and posting over the last days in this forum and discussed things with the developer of Polylang. So far, things are evolving and I've achieved (in the latest dev build of Polylang) that Polylang correctly translates strings like blogtitle and blog tagline from one language to another. Also posts show up in the right language if properly linked to a language. What remains though is that I've found no way to translate manually added strings (in Framework Site options) like 'Continue Reading…' and 'Posted on [date] by [author]' to another language. Posts like: http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/22076-translate-editable-strings-qtranslates-quicktags/page__hl__translate end with the advice to use WPML. I can surely appreciate this advice but WPML is a premium payed plugin and Polylang feels like a great bet to translate your site free of charge. But in some areas it needs refinement. Let me add that it seems a lot lighter in resources I've tested WPML in the past and found it to be slow while Polylang is actually quite fast. But that might be just my observation. I've read the posts that explain how to use POEdit to translate strings. As far as I can understand this is only for fixed strings in the Pagelines Framework (like the 'tagged' string used in the manual by Simon) and it can function as addition to downloading and installing languages from the translation department on this site (http://pagelines.com/translate/projects/pagelines-framework). Please correct me if I'm wrong. So my question is what needs to be added to either Polylang or Framework to be able to enter manually editable strings in various languages. Thanks for any enlightenment. Jan
  3. Hi, I'm using Polylang to translate my originally Dutch site into English. It works mostly very very well. A few strings don't translate however: site tag line and the post metabar. I contacted the developer of Polylang and he told me the following: When he gets to 'This is done by…' I've lost him. So hopefully someone has experience with this and can point me in the right direction. Thanks, Jan www.janpeeters.nl