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  1. Mobile plugin

    Hi There Can anyone suggest a plugin that works well with PL for creating a mobile version design of a site?
  2. Hi there   I have just changed to the new DMS system and have the Pro Developer subscription.   I previously had the Pro Developer version and had purchased loads of sections/plugins and store items   Do I have to buy them all again? for example I had bought Navable and Flip Slide? but they are now not available in new DMS unless I buy them? or is this a glitch and they should show?   There are loads more I had but now do not?   Many thanks   Paul
  3. Wordpress PLUGINS

    How do I use other plugins outside of PL from Word Press ? 
  4. Features and Plugins Not Working

    Hello, Several of my sites are designed with Pagelines and they all seem to be having the same problem. Features and jquery plugins are not working correctly. I started by updating pagelines and then deactivating all of my plugins, but neither helped. I also tried to completely remove all plugins on one site, and still it did not help. Website urls are www.kimberlyhaines.com, www.cateringbyseasons.com, and www.laprimafoodgroup.com. In all of the sites, the features do not rotate, they are just stacked on top of one another. All of these sites are also on separate servers, so I do not know what could be the problem. Please respond asap. Thank you! -Kim
  5. Someone knows the "Easy Content Types Plugin" ? Easy Content Types provides an extremely easy to use and intuitive interface for creating custom post types, taxonomies, and meta boxes. Are there some experiences with PageLines? Also i found this "Visual Composer for WordPress" - that says it'll that seems to be a little buggy and removes functions from wordpress. Has somebody ever tried on of these premium plugins?
  6. I've created a responsive full screen background that cycles through background images, as well as through slides in the center of the main column on the homepage. To do this, I wrote some jquery that removes the supersized background on the home page only (which is working), and included some markup for a slideshow to work on the home page. You can see the markup in <div id="background"> just after the body tag. In the header is the 'cycle2.js' script (I'm using cycle2 by Malsup). I have this all working here: http://preview.tinyurl.com/comra5j But, for some reason, incorporating it into my pagelines site is not working (it is the exact copy of my provided example)—and there don't seem to be any conflicts with jquery or any errors in the inspector. http://preview.tinyurl.com/ch8tvg6 Hoping someone can shed some light as to how I might debug this issue. Thanks
  7. Date Icon to spice up theme

    Hi there, I have been working on a new site and playing with font awesome, but would like to have fancy date icons instead of the date text next to recent posts and posts.. like here http://wpmu.org/how-to-use-date-icons-to-spice-up-your-wordpress-theme-make-it-unique/ Is there an easy way of doing this with pagelines or is it a cool idea for you guys to make a plugin to do it? thanks in advance for advice
  8. 1) I have these 2 plugins network activated: http://screencast.com/t/x8ZlQoPgjQ Yet they show up in the PageLines Store area as not activated: http://screencast.com/t/3dloFqOcBrl Please add detecting network activated. 2) Using this plugin ( http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/multisite-plugin-manager/ ), I disallowed the Snowfall plugin ( http://screencast.com/t/uK8JOk4c ) and it still shows up in the PageLines store area. Please add compatibility with that plugin, or at least consider it, since I haven't investigated the code, but it works outside of the PageLines Store. Thank you.
  9. Hello. I have built a website for a retirement community using Pagelines Framework. It is loading very slowly and I'm afraid this may be due in part to too many plugins. Most of the plugins are used site-wide, but two of the plugins - "Another Word Press Classified" and "Mingle Forum" have their own pages. Would there be any benefit to moving each of these plugins to their own sub-domain? Do you think it would help speed up the main site? Thanks!!!!!
  10. Fatal error with less.plugin.php

    I was updating a plugin on my site "all in one calendar" and I started to received all kinds of fatal errors. I deleted the plugin off of my directory but I am still getting errors. I tried deleting and re uploading the less.plugin.php but I am still getting yet another error. My current error is Fatal error: Call to undefined method lessc::compile() in /home/content/21/8282021/html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/pagelines/includes/less.functions.php on line 101
  11. Problem with images.

    Hi there! Since I installed the Pagelines Framework to my site I am having a ton of problems with images in general. For some reason I can't edit the size of an image. It shows the edited size in the HTML but then all the images on my site have turned back to their original size. They are HUGE and they are slowing down significantly the speed of my blog. I normally use Windows Life Writer to write my posts and the same thing happens. If I edit the image there to a specific size it is fine in the draft and in the HTML but the images go back to their original size as soon as I publish them. I am also having issues with images and plugins. For example the Pinterest Plugin For Images that it was working perfectly before does not work at all or any other pluging for Pinterest images that I have tried. Help? How do I fix these problems?
  12. I have been having repeated problems with PageLines. I had to reset my plugins numerous times. Now, none of them are active and I'm still having issues. The control panel for PageLines will not display, which is what happened when the plugins caused conflicts. Now the site won't load properly in Safari. Having spent hours putting the site into PageLines and buying the thing, I am reluctant to switch, so I would like to know how to fix the thing. It's a small site with low traffic so I can't understand why it just doesn't work reliably. www.cerberustheatre.org.uk Chris
  13. So I purchased Enrique Chavez's "Mobile Menu" Plugin to use but it's not for whatever reason fully installing. I tried Deactivating, Deleting, then Re-Downloading, installing, activating etc... But still no good. Also did the obvioius Deactivate ALL plugins etc... method. It's missing the "Always On Top" (site option) configuration area. It's missing both the "Mobile Menu and Always On Top" (drag and drop) sections. Any ideas as to what may be going on?? Thanks for any help in advance, ~ Jonny
  14. Unable to install plugins from the interface PageLines. Whenever I get the error message: Fatal error! ... The archive could not be installed. No valid extension found "(french-> english) I had a problem with PageLines section that I had to install it manually. Plugins can retrieve this address http://api.pagelines.com/store_free/ but I n 'can not install them. Someone can help me? thank you
  15. Hi. I just installed a new wordpress site, uploaded Pagelines and activated launch page. From what I've seen, it should be stupid simple to set up. But when I click "make launch page" under the meta settings it turns my (otherwise normal page) into something hideous. Definitely not a launch page. I deactivated all other plugins, checked my background color settings...but it's still not working. What am I doing wrong? A quick reply would be appreciated. By the way, here's the URL for the launch page: http://www.forgeyourfreedom.com/launch/ Thanks!