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  1. Mashup Feature

    Hi, I have seen a mashup type section in the shop of Pagelines, here is the link. http://www.pagelines.com/shop/ It on the left with the title'Products Tags'.     I was wondering if there was a plugin available to do a similar thing with Posts and Pages depending on how much they are viewed. 
  2. I have purchased the YouTube plugin from your web site. I have tried multiple times to install but it won't. I downloaded the ZIP, selected it through the add plugin in WP, and the message I get is below.   I need to get this working as soon as possible. Help please. Thank you.     Installing Plugin from uploaded file: section-youtube-embed.zip Unpacking the package… Installing the plugin… The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed.  
  3. Just an FYI.  I was having issues with the CSS Less box and items disappearing or appearing very light gray and blocked out from me accessing.    Found out for sure that if you install or have the "Shortcodes Ultimate" plugin installed (version 3.9.5 is what I was using) or install it after starting a new site, it will cause the CSS Less box to crash. Started with this plugin when debugging and after deactivating and going back in, CSS Less was fine.   Hope this helps someone who may have experienced the same issue.   James
  4. I purchased the "Coming Soon" plugin by Nick Haskins and I am still unable to download the plugin.  When I try and download it from my account it says "404 Not Found".
  5. Hi, I am expiriencing problems when using the types plugin (http://wp-types.com) Issue: When creating a CPT (in my case called videos) and then using the wordpress search, depending on your search term the Wordpress page template varies: You either get the search template or the single CPT template. If the results contain CPTs it will return the Video Page Template. This should not be. I want the search results to always return on the Search template. I already started a thread with the plugin creator here: http://wp-types.com/forums/topic/types-changing-my-search-result-page-template/   Here are two different queries which return different templates: http://insidefinance.yourbusinesschannel.com/?s=tax http://insidefinance.yourbusinesschannel.com/?s=term   WP version: 3.5.2 PL Version: 2.43 Types version: 1.3.1 Could really use some help on this one ;)
  6. HI,   I am testdriving WP 3.6 RC2 + PageLInes DMS (free) before jumping for a Dev subscription.   According to PageLines DMS (own) docs - http://docs.pagelines.com/customize/pagelines-customize-plugin   The plugin should be available here: PageLines DMS Toolbar → Store → Plugins → Free   But on my own installation i can seem to see this plugin, does any one has an idea why?   I have tweeted about the above several times @PageLines, but as usual no reactio, so i hope i get an answer here Regards Charles  
  7. Currently I'm using the customization plugin to style our new website. I chose it over the child theme method for various reasons. One customization is changing the color and general style of the static nav bar. I am aware of the Crackbar plugin. But decided I can do the css myself. So using Firebug I found the code to change the Nav Bar. I did tests and got the style I needed. Then I added the code to the style.css file in the customization plugin directory. When I refreshed my browser to look at changes they happened in Chrome/Safari Mac (Webkit) and not Firefox Mac/Win (Gecko). Upon doing some searches in the forums here I found another person complaining about the customization plugin not applying their CSS. I saw that someone suggested using the Custom Code form field in the Pagelines Global Settings.   Here's the code I used. You may notice that the classes say 'grey' but some hexidecimal colors are not grey but green. /*THIS CUSTOMIZES THE BACKGROUND COLORS, BORDER */ .navbar.pl-color-grey {     background-color: #80953a;     background-image: -moz-linear-gradient(top,#80953a,#80953a);     background-image: -ms-linear-gradient(top,#80953a,#80953a);     background-image: -webkit-gradient(linear,0 0,0 100%,from(#80953a),to(#80953a));     background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient(top,#80953a,#80953a);     background-image: -o-linear-gradient(top,#80953a,#80953a);     background-image: linear-gradient(top,#80953a,#80953a);     background-repeat: repeat-x;     filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr='#80953a', endColorstr='#80953a', GradientType=0);     border-top: 1px solid #cbe82e;     color: #ffffff; } /*THIS CUSTOMIZES THE LIST ITEMS - THE FONTS */ .navbar.pl-color-grey .navline > li > a {     color: #FFFFFF;     text-shadow: #FFFFFF 0 0px 0; } .navbar.pl-color-grey .navline > li.current-menu-item > a {     color: #80953a;     background-color: #FFFFFF;     text-shadow: #FFFFFF 0 0px 0; } /*THIS CUSTOMIZES THE LIST ITEMS HOVER - THE FONTS */ .navbar.pl-color-grey .navline > li > a:hover {     color: #0E4EA2; } I took out the CSS to change the top nav bar from the customization plugin style.css and pasted it in the Custom Code form. THEN it works in Chrome and Firefox. Most oddly IE 8 Windows shows the new Nav Bar colors for a few seconds then reverts to the original NavBar colors I'm trying to override. Why did this work when just editing the style.css did not? Specifically with how Firefox handled it differently than Chrome. Can I use both methods of editing CSS at the same time without side affects? Thanks. -BrianR    
  8. Setting up a Directory

    Hello..   Im trying to set up a business directory for business owners in buy local group. Im working on just using posts but would like to have search filter that you can choose by a tag or category.  I found a similar set up on another site i liked but cant seem to figure out how to make it all work.( http://www.portlandbuylocal.org/directory/ )  Any suggestions for already existing plugins or sections?    I think the setup for Pagelines showcase area would work pretty well with the categories on the left and  a featured site section on top could be featured business.  Im assuming that was built using all pagelines components. ( http://www.pagelines.com/showcase/ )   Thanks Jarrod    
  9. Hi there, There's a way to increase the time between slide in Latest Blog Entries plugin? a CSS CODE maybe?   Thanks :) Stefano   my site: http:/aaabuyitaly.com    
  10. Hi, am trying to add extra widget areas without editing functions.php by hand   Is there a plugin or extension in the pagelines store where you can add extra widget areas to either the header, or page, or footer etc and give them a name?   Any help appreciated! Kind thanks Dominic
  11. Newsletter plugin

    No one has yet thought of making a plugin that allows you to embed a registration form to the newsletter inline .. eg: Name - Email - Button. And one to enter your email address and and after you can dowload something? Maybe a plugin that paginate this action section on the: left, right or centered Maybe responsive and customizable (buttons, background, width filed etc) too Better then if you could incorporate in features, etc. .. Maybe alongside a video or image, and the form plan to use resources such as mailchimp or gravitiy. I think this could be an excellent product on which Work it
  12. I can't find a built in tool or plugin that will allow me to... On my Blog Page (home page) display an image map. And to do it in two steps... 1. a small picture of the top few inches of the full image map (because it is too big and I want them to click on it to open up the full map). 2. Then to display the full image map (I can't find a tool or plugin that will allow me to post my image map code.). Because it is a blog page not a regular HTML page. There must be some tool or plugin that allows HTML on the Blog Page (home page) and even better if it could click and open up and second image (the full size image map). My site is www.CMGassist.com Help please.
  13. Minification

    Hello geniuses. I've got a plugin that minifies assets. The developer told me "If you end up minifying, please exclude SlideDeck assets, as they are already minified." Can you tell me how to do that, please? BTW, I'd love to use a PL slider, but none of them work for me, believe me, I've tried. I'll post another request vis a vis using the image carousel, unless you want to take it from here. I need to get the image carousel to pull from posts, if that's possible. I'm asking for this because I need a slider that can be inserted via shortcode. Thank you.
  14. Simple Login Plugin

    attention humans: i am trying to locate a plugin that is simple for my visitors to use. i am currently using the newest version of jigoshop for pagelines and i do not like making my potential members going through a 8 step process to simply become a registered (jigoshop) member of my website (login, email, re-login, change password, dashboard access, backend website access, etc etc etc). i have instructed my drones to scour the web for info regarding this topic.....they have failed...and have since been destroyed. their human electronic data decoding mainframes are clearly in need of a complete re-callobration. until that time i am in desperate need of your help. HUMANS: THE SURVIVAL OF MY SPECIES RESTS FULLY UPON YOUR COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE. Unite! And the multiverse may grant your wildest dreams. -1000011110101010001 1010001010
  15. Hi guys. Idea for all you super devs. I can NOT be the only person who needs a search. I ended up w a small widget called "Taxonomy Filter Widget" after searching for weeks. It's not much, but it's all I could find. So, researching pulls up that I'm looking for Multiple Drop downs for Custom Taxonomies, search and filter custom taxonomies, build custom queries using dropdowns of cats and custom taxonomies....phew. Eg., "Find a Restaurant' and then drill down by 'Cuisine', 'Neighborhood", etc. Look on the left on this guy's Wordpress site: http://www.freewilliamsburg.com/ It seems that there are lots of these for Realtors. Anyway, I bet they'd fly out the door. Thanks.
  16. How can I get a full page gallery view of my photos? I want to post a gallery in a post, showing max size in the computers window when the gallery opens. Should be a thumbnail view at bottom, or just arrows to move to next photo in that specific gallery. Really need help with this one!
  17. FYI, the Mobile Menu plugin does not currently "play well" with Wordpress 3.5.
  18. What is the best way with pagelines to build in a schedule of speaking events I will be at? Is there a good plugin or store item that already customizes this?
  19. I am trying to use the plugin "Sermon Manager" with Pagelines, but Pagelines does not know how to template the new sermons being created. It is adding the page info above all template info and then it is putting the default template below that. Pagelines is also randomly creating new templates when new sermons are created. What can I do to get this plugin working with pagelines? Url of the problem: http://simplerpress.com/sermons/piper-test/ I've also attached pictures of the sermon page and the extra templates being created.
  20. Hi, been working with the wicker slider plugin - really like it as its built into the heart of pagelines, few things i would to do with it on my website are, have the image link to a page of the website, time the slider (i.e. make it move to the next one after 5 secs and so on), and maybe have some more control of the image scaling . Any one got any ideas how to get some of this working? Cant share the install just now as its installed on a local wordpress install. thanks, Jeremy
  21. Hi there, I need some advice, which certainly someone in the forum will be able to give me, to create a private area. The most important thing/options that this private area must have is..being able to have confidential files to individual users. Can you tell me a way or a plugin that fulfills this function? Thanks for fast reply! Stefano
  22. Hello I am looking for a way to change the background image on my home page every time the page refreshes. I have found a few plugins (not Pagelines plugins) but there are a couple problems with them. Mainly the one that I found (Background Manager) disables my feature slider on the home page. Very frustrating b/c it is a great plugin otherwise. So I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a Pagelines plugin that will do this or of any other plugins that you think will work. Or I suppose if you have any suggestions as to why the Background Manager plugin is disabling my Feature Slider, that'd be great too. I'm stuck on this one. Thanks a lot!
  23. Hi, This is a very specific problem, but I would really appreciate some help. My site is alternatecaresiteplanning.com, and I am very sorry to be posting here, but I am about to lose my mind. I trying to get rid of the footer image I had inserted, I mistakenly retored my entire site to default (and got rid of all of my css customizations) thinking it would change just the footer settings, without backing up my customizations. I have pretty much gotten back to where I was, but have run into trouble trying to style the list in the boxes on my home page. Under News & Updates box .(.fbox_5, I am using the widgetize pages plugin), I am trying to add space above and below the post items. I have tried every combination of #fbox_5, div.widget otw-widget-1 widget-first widget_recent_entries ul, li, a {margin-top: 10px !important; margin-bottom: 10px !important; font-weight: bold: } that I can think of. I know it is possible, because I had it styled this way before. Help would be appreciated. Also, in sytling my blog page and posts page, I have it set to take up the whole page, but it is still acting like there is a right-sidebar. If I coudl either have this content take up the whole page or at least center it, that woudl be ideal. I am using framework 2.3
  24. Dear all, i like to use the popular real estate plugin OPENESTATE Wrapper, what is very popular in Europe. There you have the possibility to manage your propertys as gallery, lists, description,... etc. it is pretty easy, cause you only insert a snippet into your article or whereever you like to show up the property. With the template twenty eleven it works fine, but with pagelines does not show the property/article Please have a look http://sonnevonmallorca.com/blog/?p=54 How can I solve that the plugin works with Pagelines
  25. Hi! I am having trouble finding informaiton on how to eliminate one of my plugins from appearing on the mobile side of my site. I am using a plugin called "sideoffer". I like it very much but it takes over the site on the mobile side of things and I would like to turn off the plugin for the mobile version only. I tried to get assistance from the sideoffer folks but their solution doesn't seem to be working. I was hoping someone here might be able to point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance for your help!