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  1. Hi, Over the past week I have been working on redesigning my website, www.creativefuturemag.com, and yesterday I finally launched it. However, I ran into one small problem when I launched the website and visited it on different computers. The slider I am using (RoyalSlider) won't adjust according to the size of the browser. Right now its sized so it fits the size of my browser perfectly, however, I want it to be compatible with all browsers in all sizes. Right now I have only been able to achieve some of it using the following CSS coding in the custom coding section of Platform Pro: .royalSlider { ; margin-top: -160px; } Does anyone know how I can make the RoyalSlider adjust according to the size of the browser/window and still remain fullwidth? Thanks and have a great day! - Christian
  2. After wasting what seems like a colossal amount of time this weekend, it seems that my DMS may have limited functionality because my Pagelines account for framework/Platform 2.44 will not connect to the proper server. In fact I am not sure that I am even on the correct service plan because I am told that I would be "grandfathered" in. When I cannot make certain functions work on the front end of my test site, I try and go to look at the drag and drop defaults and switch them around. Some options come up on individual page and posts from the editing interface or "back end," but the majority of my site defaults appear to be missing. Leaving me not only to not be able to further explore DMS but also keeping me from working on and refining any of my sites on Pagelines. Normally you guys do a great job, but the time that this is costing me and the combined heat I am getting from clients has been rather ugly. Is there any kind of ETA we can get from you about functionality? I want to know: When will I have full functionality for DMS?  When will full functionality return for Pagelines 2.44? it almost seems like there has been a lack of response due to a lack of answers because we might not like the answers. But I personally would like some sort of estimate.    Until then, I think I had best stop investing the time until we can get better answers and clearer DOCS. Don't misunderstand! You guys are great and I support you 100%. I just need better communication than that which I have experience since the HACK and Launch this week. Thank You! :-)
  3. I am running my Word Press blog with Pagelines Platform Free Version and have encountered some difficulties in customizing my home page and the search results page.   By default, Platform shows 30 most recent posts in the first page of the home page and 30 search results as well in the first page of search results.   However, the page is too long and I would like to cut the page to only showing 10 results / posts per page.   There isn't a home.php for me to edit and I have found postloop.php but no luck.   Does anyone knows how to customize the home page and search results page?   Thanks in advance.
  4. Mobile Issues with Platform

    I am having issues with the following site - http://www.groovyplanetfairtrade.com when viewed on mobile devices. I know Platform is not necessarily mobile friendly, however, when I view it on my iPhone and other devices, I am seeing a replication of the menu and a lot of default items/text that comes with the theme, such as :Web design Redesigned" and the Lorem ipsum text.
  5. Dear friends, I'm quite new to Wordpress and I'm trying to manage Platform theme in order to publish a new travel website (www.travelog.it) I can't succeed on publish "page excerpts" in Homepage. Post excerpts they do work, but I didn't find any solution to provide Page ones (even adding proper code on functions.php) Can you please help me on solve this little problem? Thank you in advance, Adriano
  6. I am attempting to upgrading from Platform 1.4.1 to Pageline 2.3.8 with an install of wordpress 3.4.2. and once I activate the theme my previous posted content is displayed without any theme layout. See wigmag.com for results. I have followed all instructions provided about upgrading. I have removed all widgets and plugins. Twice I have deleted the theme, obtained a new download and installed the pageline theme with the same results. In an email exchange with support, they think it might be caused by a permissions issue, but provide no clue to what files or direcctories that would be. The server I'm running it on is using PHP version 5.2.10, MySQL version 5.0.51.
  7. Hi, I'm using platform pro and qTranslate plugin. I'm translating all the posts but in one category, I only want to use one language, so I would like to hide the language flags, only for that category. Any idea of how can I do that? Thank you very much!