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  1. Hello. I have a big problem, platform 5, the save changes button does not work. All the time, "spins" and can not save modifications. There was information about the account refresh or re-login (due to the token), everything has been done, still saving does not work properly. Help. I got an answer on facebook that you have to put the site from scratch, I have a dozen or so - it's some tragedy. So ask for help !!! Regards, Kedark
  2. Cannot download Platform 5.

    Here's what I see when I try to download Platform 5: Is Platform 5 still being supported? Most of the comments in this forum look a year old or older.
  3. Hello, My Site is showing the dreaded white screen of death i have disabled all plugins, disable theme yet it has not come backup... The default wordpress 2015 displays when i activate it, anytime i activate platform 5 it continues to show a white screen I have increased the memory limit, added PHP ini, all the suggested advice i have followed...can someone tell me what to do ASAP Regards
  4. Impossible to download platform !

    Hi, Big problem on your website, impossible to download platform 5… Any idea to solve the issue ? Fabien
  5. PageLines hacked?

    I wanted to share something I'm dealing with on my PageLines 5 website. The website is culturedfoodlife.com. I've seen this issue a few times, but it's always fixed itself without me really doing much, so I don't know how to troubleshoot. It'll start out with my page loading all wonky, due to scripts and stylesheets missing. I look at the page source, and towards the top, I see this line: <link rel='dns-prefetch' href='//www.group-ib.ru' /> I have no idea what that website is, or why it's loading that line of code, and then further down, I see it again as the domain that tries to load all of my pagelines section style scripts: <link rel='stylesheet' id='pl-pins-css' href='https://www.group-ib.ru/…/plugins/pl-section-pins/style.css…' type='text/css' media='screen' /> <script type='text/javascript' src='https://www.group-ib.ru/…/pl-sect…/script.infinitescroll.js…'></script> <script type='text/javascript' src='https://www.group-ib.ru/…/plugi…/pl-section-pins/isotope.js…'></script> <script type='text/javascript' src='https://www.group-ib.ru/wp-conte…/…/pl-section-pins/pins.js…'></script> Here's a screenshot: https://www.screencast.com/t/Nqk9YglUf So I get that this is why it's not displaying correctly on the front end, because these style scripts don't exist on group-ib.ru, and I have no idea why it's inserting group-ib.ru instead of my domain culturedfoodlife.com.It makes me think I'm being hacked. This seems to be affecting the styles and scripts of pagelines sections. Other plugins on my site load their scripts with the correct domain name. When I've seen this in the page, it usually fixes itself after a few minutes, but in this last case, it didn't fix itself until I started disabling plugins. I was trying to see if I could go through each plugin one by one to see if I could fine out anything. I disabled everything but all my pagelines plugins/sections, and the issue went away. Then when I re-enabled everything, the issue was still gone. So now I'm clueless as how to keep testing this. Any suggestions? The fact that disabling every plugin EXCEPT the pagelines plugins kind of make me think that the issue isn't with pagelines, but then again when the issue occurs, why does it only affect pagelines sections? Andrew Powers I could use some insight. Thanks.
  6. Hi Everyone, I am having issues with being able to post to my blog with platform 5. Currently when i click publish, it just shows the homepage of MoonBodySoul.com. That is until i open the page editor and change the scope from "All of type: Posts" to "Current Page Only". Then I have to re-insert the menu header as well. This seems like a really dumb process. In past versions of pagelines, I could just post a blog and the menu would be there and there would be no formatting issues. What can I do to fix this? MoonBodySoul.com
  7. Hello, I want to create a form where a visitor can submit content/post from the front end. I did something very similar some years back using wp-types, CRED form with pagelines DMS. When i try to set this up in Platform 5, the CRED form generates but doesn't show. I get a blank page. In the browser's console window, i get the error: Uncaught Error: You cannot apply bindings multiple times to the same element. When i deactivate the PL plugin and change the theme, the form appears. I'm using Wordpress 4.8.2 and PL 5.1.7 Thanks.
  8. External Link for Loops Post

    Hi, I'm using a series of Loops sections on our PL5 site (insights.adaptiva.com), and on one section, I'd ideally like the loops to link to external URLs that are defined in the post in WordPress. Is that possible?
  9. [Solved] Big problem with platform 5

    Hi, I have a big issue on my website with platform 5 (www.youtips.com) Very often, some pages don't display correctly, i need to refresh the page to view the correct display. Same thing on safari or chrome... Please, heeeeeeelp ! Fabien
  10. Running WordPress 4.8.1 Unable to update to new versions of Pageline plugins (6 total).
  11. Using AWeber with the Signup Plugin Platform 5. Where should the sign up code be placed? I see no place to integrate AWeber at this time. Thanks
  12. [Solved] Loops Columns

    Hi, I'd like to create 6 columns in Loops... Is it possible with custom code ? Thanks Fabien
  13. I am trying to resolve a few issues. The first one is when I have the Platform 5 activated the product image will not display. However, once I deactivate the plugin the image will appear. Can someone tell me if there is a article on how to customize the WooCommerce product, and shop pages using PageLines?
  14. Aweber webform

    Hi, In Divi (elegant theme), there is a fantastic module for aweber webform. Do you plan to build one for pagelines ? Fabien
  15. Platform 5 Width Help

    I've been fighting with a resolution issue ? Want to use Flick Slider, the site looks great on my monitor but client says she can't see bottom of homes. I believe she's on an old PC using outdated browser/s ... but, she's important to me and I'd like to make this work, on her system. Without asking her adjust her own set-up. I put the Flick Slider inside a container, here :: http://becauze.xyz/home-five Set the Height of Flick Slider to 50 Base ... I don't know how this works exactly ... there is a Base then a Min ... but, haven't adjusted the Min :: http://becauze.xyz/home-four/ Tried using Splash Up, which presents the same issue (she can only see top of home) and she wants several images to rotate on Home page, so not sure this would work anyway :: http://becauze.xyz/ I have tried going into Layout and making the width narrower, and that does make the site narrower, but the homes still don't display in full, on her system. Help ? Here are her screen grabs, both desktop and iPad (dumped the chalkboard background). FInally, she said these look great :: http://www.sinclairaia.com/ http://www.kristihanson.com/ What am I doing wrong ?? Is there a better way to accomplish making the site look great on any resolution at any size ? Joanne (Longtime Pagelines-lover.)
  16. Navbar Broken on All Devices When Not Logged Into Wordpress. See screenshots attached from mobile. What is causing this issue and how do I fix? Site is venicepride [dot] org.
  17. Layout and template based sections

    I have to say that I like the Layout and the Template based sections. Some of them are really impressive. One of the things that I would like to request though is the possibility of being able to dynamically rearrange the layout. An example of what I am talking about is take the Agency Section. It's current layout starts with the Splash Module then the Portfolio Module then the Service Module and so on and so forth. What would be great is if we were able to move these modules around. I.e have the Service Module first then maybe the Splash, and then the portfolio.
  18. Hello, I have an older site that was built using PageLines several years ago (prior to the release of DMS). I wanted to leverage some of the power of your new PL5 plugin but the theme prevents be from adding any generated custom sidebars to the theme (through the drag and drop interface) and does not allow me to add any PL5 sections/containers/etc to the header or footer. Is there any way to easily override that or am I stuck only using PL5 in the content areas of the site? Thanks so much for the help!
  19. [Solved] Slow page ressources

    When user, calling a PL-WEB-Site ... ist daramatically slow in some cases why is PL5 offering all ressourcesfrom the WP-directory wich Works fine (Speed) eg. ... SITE-URL/wp-content/uploads/image.jpg >>>> except these from eg. Pins, Post-Loop, etc ??? the later one get downloaded form a URL ... SITE-URL/Download/image.jpg these slow down pageload time try and analyze with https://gtmetrix.com/ wasserfall Report
  20. Hi, I'm having an issue with Flick Slider on mobile. We have a site in development and are using Flick Slider to show testimonial quotes with a headshot of the alum. On mobile, we are having an issue where the top of the photo and the bottom of the quote are being cut off. I'm not sure if there is something that got messed up on our end somewhere causing this or if there is something we can do so that the slider is responsive and shows the entire photo and the quote below. Here is a link to the site - http://summit.stagedsites.net/ Appreciate any help/ideas! Thanks!