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  1. Grams different heights

    Hi everyone, since Instagram had allowed to publish in different ratio formats (instead of only square ratio) the grams stripe has different heights. Can you tell me if i can fix it easily with some CSS?
  2. I vcannot activate PRO licence

    After activate new web site I had several licences for use but system show me that I have no licence
  3. When i see wp content,i have no margin from left and right side means bordee on tablet view mobile margin around wpcontent is fine dtp also ok it looks like spread enough on tablet - ipad - there is no margin and text from left side and widgets from tight side content sticking border of monitor how could i fix margin for example 5px for tablet view? But without changing the mobile margin Sample https://www.restartnisa.sk/poloniny-po-zemplinsky/ thanks petere
  4. Popthums margin between images

    How to control spaces between images ? I can control section padding from left and right side but not between images. Could someone help me?
  5. AMP support

    Does pagelines support AMP technology for mobiles?
  6. sharebar counting info

    After changing protocol http to https I have lost all count information next to the icon in the Sharebar extension. All counts is set to zero. Is there any chance to give number of sharing take back? thanks
  7. remove header on slecetd pages

    Is it possibble to remove header / footer on selected pages? I want to make some extra pages for app but I need to remove header. Do you have any idea, how to do it? thnx
  8. 1. When I use the Navpro section in header with PL5 framework I loose social icons in mobile view (dtp and tablet are ok) Almost 50% of clients come from mobiles. Without this icons is menu unusable. 2. Text of submenus is alligned center and there is no feature to allign it left. Do you have any ideas? thnx
  9. Color picker is not showing up

    Hi , I just noticed that the color picker has stopped showing up on my PL5 site ( please see attached image ) Any idea what could be causing the problem? Thanks Greg
  10. Is PL5 development dead?

    I haven't seen any PL5 active development in months. Starting to look at alternatives like Elementor. It looks like PL5 development is dead. Am I wrong?
  11. Hello, I want to create a form where a visitor can submit content/post from the front end. I did something very similar some years back using wp-types, CRED form with pagelines DMS. When i try to set this up in Platform 5, the CRED form generates but doesn't show. I get a blank page. In the browser's console window, i get the error: Uncaught Error: You cannot apply bindings multiple times to the same element. When i deactivate the PL plugin and change the theme, the form appears. I'm using Wordpress 4.8.2 and PL 5.1.7 Thanks.
  12. How to adjust the sidebar width and the content width in the single post view ? When I use wordpress gallery, it overtook and change dramatically width of sidebar I tried to change alll posiible settings but only way I found is use divider with fix width .... but then galllery loose responsiility I also tried to change post tu full width and sidebar extra in lax, but then I cannot use various widgets from wordpress post. The only what I want is to have same ratio between post area and sidebar area whit gallery looks post like this : http://www.ebikecenter.sk/454-2/ Normally looks like this: http://www.ebikecenter.sk/test-haibike-xduro-fullseven-5-0-2017/ I found very similar problem from april signed SOLVED but I cannot find any solution ... :-(