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  1. Lax Section Controls and Image Stretching

    Hi, I am having an issue with the Lax sections on Platform 5. I can embed a widget or text box into a Lax section which is really neat, but the image in the background (the parallax image) seems to get stretched and doesn't scale in an attractive way. For example, the page http://ed6.61e.myftpupload.com/#clients has a parallax section with a woman's face and I thought is would scale as the browser window gets smaller but the zoom-level never changes. Also, the amount of parallax shift seems more dramatic than what we want. I thought that if I uploaded a shorter image it would scan/scroll less since the height from the image's top to bottom would be less. However, that doesn't seem to have any effect and I am at a loss of how to properly control the way the image is displayed within that box. Any thoughts, tips, or suggestions to get me pointed in the right direction? Thanks so much for the help!
  2. Hi there! I'm wondering if I can and how I can easily make a one page scrolling parallax site with menus which scroll rather than take me to a new page? Something like this: http://demo.vellumwp.com/home-pages/one-page-resort/. Thank you kindly Nate PS: my site: http://natemaingard.com
  3. disable parallax for mobile site

    Hey, I've made a simple landing page for a friend, and while the parallax feature looks great on desktop, it resizes (zooms way in) the image on the mobile version and it looks really bad. When it first pulls up, the image looks like the correct size, but once I try to scroll on my phone, it zooms in the image and seems to have a slight parallax effect. There are two separate sections that have a background image on the canvas with the "Alternative Parallaxed Background Image" effect. I was thinking that I could just disable the parallax on the mobile version only, but I haven't had success in figuring it out. Ideally, on the mobile site, I would like the background images to fit the full height of the screen instead of zoomed in so much. Any suggestions? Here is the site for reference: www.sweetnectarkirtan.com Thanks!
  4. The parallax and hero sections are jumping to the top of the template in PL5 See here http://screencast.com/t/TLajih8MEM6 No matter what I do, clear browser cache, whatever. The Parallax with the embeddded Hero section will ot stay on the bottom of the page above the footer. Help, please. This started happening at the worst possible time, when I was in a client meeting walking here through the site that is already LATE. Floyd Webb
  5. I purchased DMS business and I'm doing some tests, but I am disheartened because I can't do a quick and handsome one page website.   How do I build a website like this? http://www.template-guide.com/preview/5274/   There is 2 major problems with DMS:   1) The scrollspy works pretty darn bad as PageLines framework? How do you connect the various sections/modules? 2) The effect of parallax is terrible, jerky. Is not fluid.   Why all this?    
  6. I'm not new to development and design, but I'm new to the Pagelines framework. I've been taking the last few days to make myself acquainted with the framework to see just how flexible it is. I know that theoretically, Pagelines could do "anything" - but it may take more finagling than warranted. Thusly, I wanted to ask the "pros" on the forums for the "best practices" in implementing a full screen, multi-page parallax design, E.g. http://themespectrum.com/parallax-demo/ Even though you could conceivably implement it with the base theme and lots of customization, the fact that you'd have to put all the content in the single page doesn't seem efficient. As such, a child theme is probably the best option. So, is PageLines even an efficient solution for such a layout? Should most of the implementation be hard coded in the child theme or maybe added as a plugin or custom section? If the latter, which one? Thanks for any advice or insight you can provide!