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  1. I am trying to put the primary sidebar next to the feature slideshow on the following site http://356sales.com.previewc38.carrierzone.com/wordpress_1053907736/ can someone show me how this is done? Can I put the sidebar in the column area or the feature slideshow in the content area? Thank you for your time.  
  2. Dear friends, I'm quite new to Wordpress and I'm trying to manage Platform theme in order to publish a new travel website (www.travelog.it) I can't succeed on publish "page excerpts" in Homepage. Post excerpts they do work, but I didn't find any solution to provide Page ones (even adding proper code on functions.php) Can you please help me on solve this little problem? Thank you in advance, Adriano
  3. Site broke down

    Hey guys, sorry for this, after the update something weird happened. None of my websites pages can be opened. I updated the framework the same day with the new 3.5.1 wordpress and now i really do not know if has something to do with the framework that might have something corrupted while updating or with wordpress and if that i will look stupid writing here On every page except home page now i get... Not Found The requested URL /contact/ was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Sorry to bother...
  4. Hi there, I have built my site www.eatportesdusoleil.com and created a number of pages. At the moment my posts appear on the home page ONLY, and I would like them to appear on specific pages also. How can I do this? Does it have anything to do with categories? Am usually pretty successful at figuring things out trial and error but absolutely can't work this one out. Would so appreciate the solution! Many thanks Beth.
  5. HI, on the test site http://www.pandolfino.it/mognon/ I need to put on the left a sidebar in two different pages but with different contents. With the Pagelines Framework (2.3.5) I can only use SB1 or SB2 on the Template Setup (see the attached files). Can you help me? Thanks! Luigi
  6. Hi supports I ask about Category , Vanilla , mediawiki pages , What are they and how can use them Thanks
  7. On my home page I want to have a different background color than the other pages on the website. I added this body.home {background:#01293D;} But when I did the image stopped showing. Is there anyway I can still apply background color and keep the image? http://www.sailubju.com/
  8. Hi! I just updated and am having all sorts of quirks and problems. My biggest issue is currently that my pages will not "update" nor do they "save meta settings" when I click the appropriate button. I am able to make the changes -- but everytime I attempt to save or even to preview the page, nothing will happen. When I click "update" the small wheel next to the button will spin, but the page will never update. The url does not change. Any idea what this could be? As of right now I can't alter any of my pages on the website! Thanks for any help!