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  1. I cannot update the pagelines theme to 2.3.5 it says there is a problem. Also when i try to login via the dashboard to pagelines it doesn't work. it just goes back to the dashboard. I had some issues with white screen of death so i restored from a backup. I made sure the tables template says 'pagelines' Anyone know what ive done to mess this up?
  2. I have migrated my site from one server to another. The main page is just white. Have i missed something? i exported all the wordpress settings and imported it.
  3. Evening All! Can i use SEO YEOST on a page that doesn't have any main page content on the page itself except for wording in the sections (masthead, boxes and banners) i read the following post but i think it's out of date and doesn't seem to work http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/10487-using-yoast-wordpress-seo/page__st__20 Thanks in advance.