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  1. Hi,   (This question is probably dumb, I'm very sorry)    How can I have different sidebars on different areas of my site using wp and pagelines framework, That is to say ... 1 sidebar for the Blog, 1 sidebar for individual posts and yet another sidebar for 'static pages'   Many special thanks in advance.    Kind regards Floris
  2. Good day all.   I've been on this for a while now and can't seen to figure this out. I have attached a mock-up of what I have in mind alongside this post.   I want to achieve what's there in the content (but quite dynamic) area of the static homepage. Area is in white bg on the mock-up. made a mistake in the tabbed area (please note: tab 1, tab 2, tab 3, tab 4). Thanks in advance.   Please help.
  3. On the blog homepage, the sidebar has dropped down to below the content and the sizing formatting has been lost . It was fine for a couple of days, but as of this morning, it changed. No changes were made to any plug-ins or the stylesheet. I've also tried deactivating plug-ins. The problem is only occurring on the blog page, not on any post or other pages. I use child themes on a few sites with the same plug-ins and they all look okay. The site that the issue is occurring is: http://thevanillabeanblog.com
  4. I've found a bit about the features slider with a clickable image but nothing that has helped me so far. I have a features slider pulling the 9 most recent post- is there a way to make the image in the slider also clickable to post (and not just the title?)
  5. Hi I've set up a website for my customer and included features on the frontpage. But the feature link URL is not working on either of the 4 features. Website: http://retailrebel.dk/ Best regards, Vibeke
  6. I upgraded ambitioninsight.com to the latest version of Pagelines Framework and suddenly my dropdown nav items no longer work, and my font choice "droid sans" no longer shows the correct font. Other fonts still work. I verified Droid Sans and Allow DropDown Nav menus are both selected from within the admin panel. Please help, thanks Did nothing more than upgrade to latest version of PL Framework
  7. For some reason every time I upgrade to a new version of Pagelines Framework, the Features Section seems to break. In other words, instead of all slides being hidden except the one being viewed, they instead all for lack of better words Clear one another on the page and are all visible. Anyone else having issues like this with Features? dev.tviaudio.com username: pagelines password: developer
  8. Css For Transparent Header?

    I am new to the PL Framework, but have some experience with the PlatformPro. I want to have the #branding area be transparent, but it seems the #page-canvas background color is ruling the day. Can you please point me to a resource area that would assist me figuring this out? Thanks in advance, Fred
  9. I have a multisite wordpress install using the Pagelines Framework theme. I have created two child themes for Pagelines -- one for the parent site and one for the sub sites. I am trying to get the sub sites to display the same header and footer content as the parent site. Because Pagelines populates it's header and footer content dynamically based on Pagelines settings for each site (and not hard coded), is there any way to serve the header and footer content from the parent site to all of the sub sites? Anyone got an idea on how to accomplish this? The parent site (using pagelines child theme: kid 2 kid) is here: http://updated-kid2kid.com the test subsite (using pagelines child theme: kid 2 kid stores) is here: http://updated-kid2kid.com/test My logic is that there might be some code I can add to a header.php file for the /test child theme that will display the header content from the parent site... Open to ideas! Thanks!
  10. Features Thumb Nav

    I would like some information regarding the features - Thumb Navigation - Upload Feature Thumbnail (50px by 30px) is it possible to change the size of these images to 110px x 50px would be very much appreciated. thanks
  11. Hi, I use Pagelines Framework. I have a feature on my homepage. The feature has photo background and white text. In chrome and firefox the text is readable because it has transparant support color. In Internet Explorer that support color is absent and the text is not readable. Where and how can I fix this? Second, how can i change the style for the text in that feature? Thanks, Kind regards, Floris
  12. Content Background On Home Page

    Hi there, please.. anyone can sugget my a custom css code for customize the background ONLY in the home page.. as trasparente or black? Thanks for fast reply Home page that i would like to change background: http://stefanoferruggiara.com
  13. Hi, Can anyone suggest me some help regarding this? I want postpins to load only with image and that post title, first few lines of post should not be loaded. Thanks, sakkthi
  14. Hi there, i just buy and set up FLIP SLIDE plugin in the store but the Caption and Alt Text are missing the background effect and title. Anyone can help me to understand what can be? SITE HERE Thanks for fast reply!
  15. Hi, My Slide Feature has been cropping my photos, especially the vertical photos. How to customize my Slide Feature to make my vertical or horizontal photos be a "Squished Style" and fit 100% on any screen size? My goal is to make these photos visible to all devices (iPhone, Tabletes or Destops/Laptops), especially the smart phones "vertical phones". I read everything on here: http://www.pagelines...eatures_Section There was one paragraph saying. " If the image you created is wider than the Features section, the ends of the image will cropped, not squished" . So, I want to see my vertical photos fitting 100% on any screen size and not been cropped. I hope I can get some help Thank you.
  16. Hi there.. I'm trying to set a .jpg image like a background.. and i'm trying to set the postion but in vertical and orizontal doesn't work.. the image is 1300 x 1300 pixel (72) Site: www.stefanoferruggiara.com Thanks for fast reply;)
  17. We've been adding features to the site we're developing, and for some reason SOME of the links are not working. Please see the example... http://www.3pointpartners.com/3pointpartners_new/
  18. I am using the pagelines google webfonts plugin to give my site a little style. The problem is, when I use a custom font, my checkout page is no longer secure (SSL). Anybody know of a quick fix? - Dave
  19. Hello, I have a Wordpress 3.4.1 with Pagelines Framework 2.1.6 (Professional License) activated at http://lifeissoft.com/ In other place (www.velneoesfera.com/pagelines) I installed a new Wordpress 3.4.1 and I activate Pagelines Framework 2.1.6 too. I export all data entries (Wordpress export option) from lifeissoft to velneoesfera.com/pagelines/ all OK I export Pagelines Setting from lifeissoft to velneoesfera.com/pagelines/ and the page goes blank and throws this error: (I can translate it if you want) What can i do? could you help me? Thank you very much. Att. David.