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  1. Hello,   I know how you guys are about holding our hands when it comes to css.  Though I am a complete newbie on this, I did read the Pagelines support page on Custom CSS as well as the W3 website.  So I know how to apply the change, I'm just having trouble nailing down the correct element.   I was able to find it using the Chrome inspection tool (see attached).  And I was even able to remove the padding by un-checking the padding box in inspection mode.  I just can't nail down what element tag to put into the Customize plugin.     Fslider is not working.  This is what I currently have:   fslider { padding:none; }   Can I get some help on this?   Alyse www.theurbancoin.com 
  2. I have had no issues with the Pagelines Cutomize plugin until tonight. When I attempt to add a new batch of CSS the plugin will not update the file. Any ideas on what could be the problem? Please advise. I added new CSS to the customize plugin all throughout the day today without a problem. But now the thing craps out. Really weird.