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  1. Hello,   We are new to PageLines and building our first site. We several content areas custom arranged on the home page. We are wondering if we are building this in the correct way/approach.   Site link: http://dev.mantec.org/?page_id=350   We are using Template 2 for the home page. In the Page Template area we have 2 active sections: Universal Sidebar (contains the LayerSlider) and Content   In the Content Area we have 1 active section: PostLoop from left column content   In the SB1 Area we have 1 active section: Primary Sidebar (News Feed)   In the SB2 Area we have 1 active section: Secondary Sidebar (Custom content)   In the Morefoot Area: Full Width Sidebar (Customized even feed from Event Espresso)   In the Footer Area: Footer Columns Sidebar (4 columns of content)   Did we do this right? IS there a better way to get ALL the content in the Content Area?   When we preview the page we see ALL content here: http://dev.mantec.org/?page_id=350   But when we set this page as the default home page: Settings> Reading>  Front Page: Home, most of the content disappears as seen here in JPG-No-2.jpg.   What do we need to change. Please help!!!    
  2. Note : sorry for my English, I am french speaker (Belgium). I would like to know why "Breadcrumb Navxt" section is not available in the "page templates" part ? We can have a "Breadcrumb Navxt" in the header or in the "content area" but this last one is not appropriate in three cases : (1) if the breadcrumb is too long (2) if we have section above the content area (exemple of the feature section above content section in the "page templates"). (3) the content of the main page will be below of the height of the right-colomn (see in attachment) I am really sad because I need a breadcrumb (submenu in my new website - ergonomical reason) but neither the header and content area are appropriate :s Do you think you will fix this problem in a shortly upgrade ? Thanks, Michel
  3. I am trying to get my head around the whole PageLines framework and not able to get too far. I'm used to coding from scratch HTML/CSS/Javascript or I've delved into PHP with MovableType. I still want to do a lot of customization and coding myself, but i also want to use WP & PL to take care of some of the heavy lifting that a framework provides. I have a really strong suspicion that WP & PL can answer all my prayers. I just need to understand it better. I've watched the videos on Page Templates and Sections a few times and poked around playing with different layouts and such. But I still struggle trying to understand how to customize my own navbar with its own images. I also can't figure out all the differences between Sections and Templates. But the main thing is assigning the proper sections to a template that does what I want it to do. With that, I'm going to attach a mockup and try to ask some very simple but dumb newbie questions that will hopefully make it clear for me. The mockup/wireframe shows the navbar I'm after. I have the images cut up, fonts, etc.; you can see I have the logo and the background image and the rest is blank. Does this make sense to anyone?? Thanks in advance!