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  1. hi there,   Every time i try to enter a third custom post type, the page option setup screen fails to save the options for the last custom post type. I'm not a php person, but this is the code thats worked the best so far, i have a feeling that im defining the variables wrongly. Could you point me in the right direction?   Thanks! // PageLines: Add Custom Post Type (CPT) to Page Options add_filter( 'postsmeta_settings_array', 'pl_control_cpt' ); function pl_control_cpt( $array ) { //1st one $cpt = 'event'; //EDIT THIS FOR YOUR CUSTOM POST TYPE NAME global $metapanel_options; $array[ $cpt ] = array( 'metapanel' => $metapanel_options->posts_metapanel( $cpt ), ); $array[ $cpt . '_archive' ] = array( 'metapanel' => $metapanel_options->posts_metapanel( $cpt . '_archive' ), ); $cpt = 'night'; //EDIT THIS FOR YOUR CUSTOM POST TYPE NAME global $metapanel_options; $array[ $cpt ] = array( 'metapanel' => $metapanel_options->posts_metapanel( $cpt ), ); $array[ $cpt . '_archive' ] = array( 'metapanel' => $metapanel_options->posts_metapanel( $cpt . '_archive' ), ); $cpt = 'artist'; //EDIT THIS FOR YOUR CUSTOM POST TYPE NAME global $metapanel_options; $array[ $cpt ] = array( 'metapanel' => $metapanel_options->posts_metapanel( $cpt ), ); $array[ $cpt . '_archive' ] = array( 'metapanel' => $metapanel_options->posts_metapanel( $cpt . '_archive' ), ); return $array; }
  2. I'm using the iBlogPro5 child theme and Items that were dropped into the Page Template area and configured are displaying correctly - quick slider and boxes, but items dropped into the Content area, wrap or either of the sidebars are configurable but don't display in the page. I've gone through everything I can think of and I'm stuck. Thoughts?
  3. Hi, I created a custom post type named "Podcast". I noticed that this created a "Podcast Archive" template in Pagelines' Drag N Drop. After configuring the new template, I tried to create a new page with the "Podcast Archive" template but it does not show up in the dropdown. How can I assign the "Podcast Archive" template to a new page? Thanks.
  4. Hey Pageliners, We're relatively new to the Pagelines platform and gotta say, firstly, that we love it. It's reduced our production time dramatically and is money well spent - so thank you. Secondly, I personally am trying to wrap my head around the best way to implement many sidebars that are needed variably across many pages for our clients. The keyword here is that it needs to remain easy for management by the client in the future (our clients are not very technically savvy at times, so things like widget logic aren't always the best solution). Here's our scenario, I hope that you may have some "best practices" or general better insight than I do - We have 3 different template structures: internal pages (general template) home page (template 1) blog section We have approximately 5 different types of widgets that should show in different ways based on the page / section. contact cta (all pages except home page) newsletter signup (all pages except home page) upcoming events (blog / home page) latest blog posts (blog / home page) blog categories (blog) Now, we can manage this well enough (so it seems) using the universal sidebar (contact sidebar & newsletter signup), primary sidebar (latest posts, blog categories, upcoming events). However, without the ability to set sidebar control options (aka - setting universal sidebar in the sidebar for default page template, as compared to loading all of them due to the needs of the blog), we are finding the control of the sidebars on a template basis to be bulky. Does this make sense? Basically, to try and be more clear if I haven't already, we are looking for per-template sidebar control options (so you select "default template" and you can click on "page templates" > "sb1" and set the sidebars just for that template). Currently, you can only do that with the "content" area, not the sidebars. So, do you have any good workarounds and better management options that could be defaulted to within Pagelines? Should we just resort to advanced widget management plugins? Is this something that you or others could see value for having in Pagelines in the future? IDK, just spitballing here Cheers! Kyle