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  1. Hello - I am having an issue on my site jdsmsales.com. When you go to the site you land on the page "About Us". I went to this page in my back end to add content to it. I put the content in the page and clicked update. After it updated I went to view the page with the newly added content on it but there was nothing there. I created a new "About Us" page and added the content there. When I went to view the page it would direct me to the page that is the homepage now. When I would get to this "bizarro" front page I would click on a different page on the navigation bar. When I clicked on a different page the "bizarro about page" would disappear and the new About page with the content would appear. If you go to the site now, jdsmsales.com, you will land on the bizarro about us page, which seems to be the homepage. If you click a different page you will see that the "bizarro about us" disapperars. How do I fix this? I want to get rid of that bizarro page and add a regular content ready about page. Another thing. When you are signed into wordpress, your dashboard tool bar is on the top. When I would get to the bizarro page, my tool bar would disappear. When I clicked onto any different page, the toolbar reappeared Also, it says that there is an update available but i cannot update. Could this be the problem? Joshua