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  1. I am SO happy with almost everything in my rad Pagelines Pro site except the stupid product archive template dealie. All I need to do is check the "hide highlight" option on Product Archive- Basic Template and have it actually work. I've tried disabling plugins. Doesn't change a dadblammed thing. I'm using a base theme- does that matter? Please help me. This is making me a wee bit crazy. Bree **EDIT- so, I found that I can hide the highlight on each individual product page (pain in the butt!) but it would be lovely if the template options actually worked. Will it ever? Please and thanks B
  2. Page option setup

    Hi, I disabled the morefoot sidebar on al my extra pages, but every time a create a new post, blog or anything else from the page option setup where i hide the morefoot sidebar, it still shows on the page. Than i have to disable it again. See screenshot and other screenshot below this topic What do i overlook or what goes wrong.