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  1. platform5 editor

    suddenly, I have issues (had worked for years now), that, when I VIEW certan pages, the PL-editor (bar) does not appear. basically the URL does not attach the ".... ?pl_edit=on" when clicking view. somebody knowing what the source of the Problem is?
  2. Hello, I need some help! I am trying to add a Square booking script. When I add it to a embed section it crashes the page editor and I am unable to save the page version. I have tried using different browsers with the same result. I can add the script on the backend in the word press content area and get it to show and work, but it look terrible. A page with in a page. http://www.zoeanastacia.com/booking/. I need help getting the page editor to work properly or to make the wp content section to not look like an 90's iframe. Thanks