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  1. Hello, I have recently set up my Doctor Who website at (http://thewhohub.co.uk). As you can see, on the homepage, I have a set of four boxes, three of which lead to category pages, the fourth being a kind of "featured post" box: What I'm struggling with is this: is it possible to have the first three boxes fixed on the homepage, with the fourth alternating randomly between different featured posts? For example, you could have a box leading to the latest episode review when you first load the page, but when you refresh the box is different. I'm currently using the Pagelines framework professional/personal edition. I'm also making use of the "pagemash" plugin to order these aforementioned boxes on the homepage. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Please, can someone help me with this basic task? I just need to move up line "Tagged with:" just under post title. Is there any easy way how to reorganize order of elements in post loop? I am using PageLines Framework ver 2.3.