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  1. Aleksander, Thanks for creating this section, it's very helpful. Is there any way to add a custom url per slide? Thanks!
  2. I have been looking at some front end theme switching plugins in the hope of finding something would enable users to select an alternative theme for their own session on a site, without their being logged in and without changing what other users see. So far I have not found anything that works properly with Pagelines. Perhaps there is another way of achieving this in Pagelines itself? I guess I could build a load of 'parallel' pages and change lots of template settings on them to make them more 'accessibie', but this would involve maintaining two sets of content. What I am looking for is a way of swapping from a view of a site with only text and hyperlinks in text (no fancy page layout) to a 'normal' view (menus / sidebars / graphics etc). Any pointers?