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  1. [Solved] Onepage Plugin

    Hello If i hide a module in the onepage section (the gallery module f.eg.) i can not scroll down futher... Could you check that? Daniel
  2. Onepage blog section is missing

    The blog section from onepage is no longer displaying on the website, it just shows 'content missing'
  3. Onepage plugin is not working on an iphone. The page does not scroll properly and sections are partially missing, any ideas what the problem could be?
  4. Onepage iphone

    I've got the problem with Onepage plugin .. First two sections - Intro and Gallery Module are not showing on iPhone and iPad...help asap please
  5. Hi Pageliners! I'm designing a one-page website similar to the one I designed here: bayhousenaples.com. I used the Catalyst Wordpress Framework for that site. I chose my layout to be one long column of widgets, then used the 'Page in Widgets' plugin to make the site essentially a long stack of pages. The advantage to that is that each section has a page ID# so I could use CSS to give each section its own look/feel/background. Now that I've made the switch to Pagelines I'm much happier but not really sure how I'd recreate the above. Can anyone help me strategize how to make a long, one-page website with multiple photo galleries, etc.? Can I put widgets inside different Pagelines sections? Thank you for helping a beginner get a grasp!