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  1. I've got the NextGen Gallery plugin installed and using it with the carousel feature and it looks good. However, I'd like to do some minor modifications.    I'm looking for a way to add a button that when clicked it would download a pdf spec sheet. This button can either be below the thumbnail or under the image during the slideshow. I'm including two rough of where I'd like to take this.    btw: I'm not married to NextGen, but it seems to be the most popular and it's compatible with the carousel feature.    I realized this is a bit advanced and I don't mind doing the work, but I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction?  Is NextGen the best plugin or does anyone know of a better gallery plug-in for what I'm trying to do? I've seen some plug-ins that extend NextGen - maybe someone knows of a better plug-in for my plug-in? Or is there a different direction I should consider?    
  2. When I use NextGen Gallery slideshow you can see the drop down menus at the top of the page drop down in front of the Slide images. However, once the slideshow cycles through to a second time the drop down menu hides behind the slide show. If I refresh the page it's fine again until the 2nd cycle. Anyone know why?
  3. using images from a Nextgen gallery for a Pagelines Feature Slider would be great! Is it possible with new PageLines 2.3. to use images from Feature Slider image gallerys? Creating features and image slidshows would be so much easier... At the moment you have to use the nivoslider plugin for WP - to create slideshows, that already are implemented in the framework with the feature or quickslider! Thanks for ideas... ------- The same question came up in 2009 - and Andrew Powers answer was: Posted 28 November 2009 - 01:17 AM Great idea. Will add to the notes for update. WP 2.9 has some interesting features that might be the best option though. http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/196-carousel-displaying-nextgen-gallery/
  4. I have set the carousel settings (see attached screen grab) to display nextgen thumbnails but the carousel is not working. Instead it is showing all of the thumbnails and no scrolling effect. Any idea what may be going on? Here is the page I am troubleshooting: http://onetelone.com/instant-quote/
  5. Hi All, It seems like this would be a common question and a trivial task in PageLines, and I apologize if it has been answered previously, but I could not find it. The site I am working on is for a tour company, I have a page for each tour and a nextgen gallery containing images from each tour. I am trying to add a NextGEN Slideshow widget to the sidebar BUT set the galleryID on a page by page basis and I just cant figure it out. This seems like it should be easy.. Ideas? Chris
  6. Hello everybody! I have asked the question above in the wordpress support forum already (1 week ago) but no one has answered. I am reaching out to this forum since I know that there are really talented people here who may be able to shed some light. I have a page called "art movements": http://www.arttrustmasters.com/art-movements/ where using NextGen I have an album with several NextGen galleries. When you click on a gallery no gallery description shows although you can input the text when you create the gallery. There is no way to display or style the text with NextGen gallery. I researched it and found the way to get the text to show by adding this bit of code: <?php echo $gallery->description ?> to the gallery.php. I did this with one gallery as a test: see: http://www.arttrustmasters.com/art-movements/?album=4&gallery=7 Now I can see the description but here is the problem, how and where do I style this text? I would like to: 1. change the font size and weight of the gallery title; and 2. change the font size, weight and alignment of the description text. There is no way to do this with NextGen and I can't figure out how to do it. Anyone know how and where do I style the gallery description text on NextGen? Thank you very much in advance. Marlene