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  1. Hi Everyone - I recently upgraded from Platform Pro ver. 1.3.5 to Framework 2.3.2. For the most part the ver. upgrade was smooth however several plugins utilizing lightbox / fancybox are no longer functioning. I can switch between frameworks, plugins work as expected in Platform Pro 1.3.5 but do not in Framework 2.3.2 - My primary concern is a plugin called You Tube WPress ( http://yougapi.com/p...youtube_wpress/ ) which works fine in the ver 1.3.5 but does not even show up on page in ver. 2.3.2. See http://wodfanatic.com/crossfit-videos/ currently using Framework 1.3.5 - Also noticed lightbox effect used by NextGEN Gallery plugin goes not work when using ver. 2.3.2 - Also Pagelines Feature transitions effect does not work for me in ver. 2.3.2 It seems like anything utilizing a lightbox / fancybox / transitions effect does not work for me when switching to updated framework. ANY IDEAS anyone? Any help would be much appreciated.