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  1. Changes to text in Navbar

    Hi, my site is http://www.entry.com and I find that the text color for the navbar is far to small and grey and I would like to make it brighter and bigger. What do I do? Thanks, John
  2. Hi,                I have 2 Navbars.1 navbar is assigned to menu 1, the other assigned to menu 2. I need to customised each navbar using css. But it seems that both are sharing same class. How do i go about it?   .navbar .navline .navbar .navline > li > a    regards
  3. 2 Navbar

    Hi,                I have 2 Navbars.1 navbar is assigned to menu 1, the other assigned to menu 2. I need to customised each navbar using css. But it seems that both are sharing same class. How do i go about it?   .navbar .navline .navbar .navline > li > a    regards
  4. Guys,    On IE11 (Windows 8.1) with Pagelines DMS the Navbar does not stay in view and is half hidden at the top of the page. I have verified this on http://pagelines.com... Are you aware of the issue?   -MrHinsh
  5. How do

    Guys,    I have configured the Navbar but when the screen is not wide enough it changes to a pullout from the right. This is awesome, but how does one control the menu used for this. It is not the same as the one normally shown and I do not see how to configure it.    http://blog-hinshelwood-com.mrhinsh.staging.wpengine.com http://pagelines.com On Pagelines.com you show more menu options on the sub page...   How is this all configured...   -MrHinsh
  6. In the DMS front end, at Global Settings > NavBar, I selected "Enable Fixed Navigation Bar."   Issue: The top-level button does not work when there is at least one child page under it. I guess this is by design, since some folks prefer this kind of behavior. However, I'd like the top-level button to function. Is there a way to make it so?
  7. Designing a site and I am using an all white background for the fixed global navbar and body.   Problem I'm running into is I don't want the "border" that appears at the bottom of the navbar. I'm assuming this is because it's "fixed" but would like to have no border/separation.   Anyone had success with playing with this yet?   I tried uploading a screenshot but keep getting an error.   I have tired border: none, etc but honestly, can't find the code or reference for what is causing that to show up.   Also, anyone need any custom css to make changes on things, I have started a nice cheat sheet of stuff I have found and started adding to a Word doc. Just makes it easier to change an element or ID when you have the name, etc...saves the searching through Firebug.   Thanks.   James
  8. NavBar Issues

    Again, total newb so forgive me if I'm asking about something obvious. I placed the NavBar section on my site, but I do not see anything in the customization area about getting rid of the colored line that goes underneath the menu items when you hover over them. Also, the menu bar has a shadow under it that I'd like to get rid of. Any help you can provide would be great. Thank you! 
  9. If you have a dropdown menu in the navbar then the top level is not clickable - is that right?   At the moment the only items I can have directly clickable in the nav are those without dropdown submenu items. I suppose this is so mobile/tablet users can use the same menu?   Just want to make sure I'm not missing something here.
  10. Hi,   How can i get the section 'navbar' to create horizontal submenu items instead of vertical?   How do i position these submenu items that the first items aligns with 'Home', so the first menu-item?       Thanks, Evert
  11. I would like to place a fixed position WP Stock Ticker at the top of the page above the Fixed NavBar.  I have accomplished this by placing under the 'page lines_before_site' hook in the header.php file.   One problem is that the background scrolls and therefore my features scroll through the ticker.   I was wondering if there is an easier methodology for accomplishing the same thing?  and/or How to solve the background issue?   I honestly haven't spent much time on the background issue because I thought there would be a more elegant solution using drag-n-drop.   Thanks for the help.   site is http://pathfindercfp.com
  12. Classic Nav and Mobile

    Is it possible to have the Nav Classic active for desktop and tablets, but the NavBar for phones and small devices?   It is a lot easier for me to style the Nav Classic than the new Nav Bar, but the new Nav Bar has a much better mobile presence.
  13. Full width navbar

    Hi I am trying to make my navbar full width at the top of my site but none of the css solutions mentioned in other forum threads seem to work.   Any help would be appreciated. http://www.nevillmedia.com/
  14. Hello   this is my first post on the forums, so please go easy ;)   I use PL Dev. edition on my site with fixed navbar. I would like to remove the standart fixed navbar on landing pages completely or have the landing page show another menu.   Thanks for your feedback.
  15. Hello,   I am trying to change the trigger for collapsing the navbar (fixed) and followed the instructions on this thread: http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/26261-change-responsive-trigger-width-of-navbar/?hl=navbar   I changed the two 767px values to 1000px, and pasted the relevant (I think) CSS into my custom CSS field. Here is the CSS I altered and pasted: http://paste.pagelines.com/11u   However, as the width gets minimized the entire dropdown menu is displayed for a period of time, and then as the width gets further reduced the dropdown menu does disappear as expected, as can be seen here: http://hibbittsdesign.com/courses/cmpt-363-133-prototype/   I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on how I can fix this.   Thanks very much, Paul
  16. How can I add images as the buttons in the navigation? Is this workable? I found this page that suggests a way to do it http://wpmu.org/wordpress-menu-images/, but using Firebug I am unable to tell what the exact nav container ID is for the BrandNav and SimpleNav. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.
  17. NavBar and Secondary Nav options

    I am building a new site using PageLines, and will have a main nav, which I plan on using the NavBar. I also have a few landing pages which are separate from the website pages, but still live within the WordPress and the PageLines theme. I want to have a NavBar which would just have one link back to the Main Site and I want it to look exactly like the main website NavBar. Can this be done and if so, how? I have been banging my head on this for a while now.
  18. Basically I want to create pages that are published but will not appear in the navbar
  19. Good afternoon. I have just installed Jigoshop to my website - http://www.pastamore.co.uk It has made the navbar go crazy with stuff that seems relative to a checkout section. I'm looking to rectify this and make a nice clean start. I just want Jigoshop to be active in the 'SHOP' tab of my site. Does anyone have any idea how I conquer this? Any pointers much appreciated, Rudi
  20. Hi Nick, I am a PageLines newbie, and I just purchased your CrackBar plugin - very useful! I've got a fair number of items in the menubar, and when viewed on certain smaller screen sizes I get stacked menu items until eventually I get the collapsed menu. I'd prefer to have the collapsed menu appear earlier if possible. I've tried to copy all of your media queries CSS into my custom code area in PageLines, and changed the min and max width from 767 to 1000 but this does not seem to work as expected - the menu temporarily becomes totally expanded at a certain point. At the end of the message is all the code I copied and the changes I made. Here is the site in question: http://hibbittsdesign.com/courses/cmpt-363-133/ Could you please point me in the right direction? Thanks very much, Paul ps - I am also using the custom color options for CrackBar // ************************************************************/ // * Responsive Handling // ************************************************************/ @media (max-width: 400px) { .crackbar .plbrand img{ max-width: 210px; } }//-- End Media Query --// @media (max-width: 600px) { .crackbar.crackbar-content-width { width: 95%; margin:0 auto; } }//-- End Media Query --// @media (max-width: 1000px){ #site .bigcrack-menu-wrap { li.dropdown { .dropdown-menu { display: none; } &.open { .dropdown-menu { display: block; .transition(height 1s linear); .bigcrack-menu-item-item { color:@white; color: rgba(255,255,255,0.8); } } } } } body.crackbar_fixed { .page-canvas { padding-top: 0; } .fixed_width #page .page-canvas{ margin-top: 0; } } .section-crackbar{ &.fixed-top { position: static; .crackbar-inner { padding: 5px; } } } #site .crackbar{ .dropdown-submenu a:after { border-left-color:transparent; } .brand { padding-left: 10px; padding-right: 10px; margin: 0 0 0 -5px; } .searchform{ float: none; padding: 10px; .box-sizing(border-box); width:100%; max-width:100%; .searchfield { height:30px; width:100%; .border-radius(5px); } } .navline{ float: none; margin: 0 0 9px; > li { float: none; > a { margin-bottom: 2px; padding: 6px 15px; padding: 6px 15px; background:transparent; color: rgba(255,255,255,0.8); .border-radius(3px); &:hover{ color: rgba(255,255,255,1); background-color: rgba(0,0,0,.15); } .caret { display: none !important; } } } .nav-header { text-shadow: none; } &.pull-right { float: none; margin: 0 0 9px; } } .bigcrack-menu-wrap { a { .transition(.2s linear); } } .dropdown-menu { a { padding: 6px 15px; padding: 6px 15px; background:transparent; color: #fff; color: rgba(255,255,255,0.8); .border-radius(3px); } li + li a { margin-bottom: 2px; } position: static; top: auto; left: auto; float: none; display: block; max-width: none; margin: 0 15px; padding: 0; background-color: transparent; border: none; .border-radius(0); box-shadow: none; visibility: visible; &:before, &:after{ display: none; } li > a:hover, .active > a, .active > a:hover, a:hover { color: rgba(255,255,255,1); background-color: rgba(0,0,0,.15); } } .nav-collapse { overflow: hidden; height: 0; clear: both; } .current-menu-item > a{ color: rgba(255,255,255,0.8); background-color: rgba(0,0,0,.15); } .pl-color-grey{ .navline > li > a,.dropdown-menu a{ color: #000; } .dropdown-menu{ li > a:hover, .active > a, .active > a:hover, a:hover{ color: #000; text-shadow: 0 1px 0 rgba(255,255,255,.5); } } .current-menu-item > a, .navline > li > a:hover{ color: #000; text-shadow: 0 1px 0 rgba(255,255,255,.5); } } .nav-btn-crackbar { display: inline-block; } } } //-- End Media Query --// @media (min-width: 1000px) { .nav-collapse.collapse { height: auto !important; overflow: visible !important; } }//-- End Media Query --//
  21. Hi there, I am trying to center-align the menu items in my fixed navbar and also have them spread out so they are wide enough to fill up the whole navbar (the same width as the content area), however cannot figure out how to do so. In the options, I noticed that there were options to either left-align it or right-align it but nothing to center-align it - which is why I am here! My site is http://www.aprilialove.com I would also like to know how to change the font of these menu items? Is there an option or will I need to insert some code into the CSS sheet? Thanks!
  22. Dear PageLines-Community, I recently bought pagelines and have some questions regarding customization. PageLines customer service advised to contact the forum regarding further questions. I tried, googled and searched this forum but I'm now at a point where I do not make any progress without help Url of Blog: www.victorypug.com I also attached a scribble of my current layout (left side) and the desired layout (right side). This is important because I will refer to the numbers on the layout. 1. Featured image I would like to have a featured image (image only, no grey area and no text on the left side of the image as currentyl) of the most recent post with 800px width. 2. New lines I woudl like to insert some lines of 1000px width at the following positions: - below navBar - below text of featured post - Between each row of tiles of further posts (optional) 3. Preview of Feature Below the featured most recent post on top, I'd like to have the title and a short teaser (first lines of post) of the post. 4. Menu items The navbar should ideally consist of 4 to 5 selected Blog-Categories, which should be highlighted gray upon hovering with slightly rounded edges. 5. Other items On the upper right side of the blog I would like to place the search-bar, Social icons and the regular menu items. 6. Optional text I was also thinking about having a short text (like "Most recent posts") above each row of tiles. But this is really optional. General specifications: Total width: 1000px I'm more than happy to make further clarifications if my descriptions are unclear. I know that these are 6 issues but I really don't know how to proceed - your help is very much appreciated! Kind regards
  23. nav classic

    Hello, I would like to know how to customize the nav classic and get a full-width one ? Thank you for helping.
  24. In another thread when questioning why a click on a top level menu item in the new navbar does not link to the relevant page as it does with the classic navbar the response was "Twitter does it this way for a reason." - I assume this is to follow their interface standards? Both myself and others would prefer the behaviour of the classic navbar applied to the new one. The workaround of adding back the same page as a 'sub link' on the menu is not ideal and can even be confusing. Is there no way of overriding Twitter Bootstrap limitations? An add-on or hack of some kind?
  25. Hi: I just upgraded to Pagelines 2.4.2 from PlatformPro 1.6. I changed my menus to the new Fixed NavBar which works great except for one issue...the top level of my dropdown menus no longer works (if any of them have submenus). I have the top menu configured to go to a landing page on some of them and then subbmenus underneath to go directly to areas within that heading. However, when I hover over the top levels that have the submenus, instead of showing the actual configured link, they show http://{mywebsite}/#m1, http://{mywebsite}/#m2, etc. The submenus show the actual links and are functional. The top level links configured with submenus used to work in PlatformPro standard menus. I have tested this with different browser types and see the same issue. I also tested to see if I see this issue using the Nav Classic menus and I don't (the top level links work fine just like in PlatformPro). Here is a link to our site: http://byc.org/ Is this by design for the NavBar in PageLines or is this abnormal? What is confusing is that the "select hand" mouse cursor remains active over these non-functional links indicating to users that they can click on them, but when they do, nothing happens. I am currently on WordPress 3.4.2 (multi-user) with 14 networked sites and am getting ready to upgrade to 3.5.1. I have the following plugins currently activated and all are at their latest versions: Akismet, version 2.5.7 All-in-One Event Calendar by Timely, version 1.10-standard Awesome Flickr Gallery, version 3.3.6 Exec-PHP, version 4.9 Gravity Forms, version 1.7.3 Gravity Forms PayPal, version 1.7 Unfiltered MU, version 1.3.1 WP-Members, version 2.8.2 This is a hosted site on Windows Server: Windows 2008 R2 Web PHP 5.3.10 mySQL 5.1.6 IIS 7.5 I would prefer to continue using the fixed NavBar, but would like the top level links to work if possible. Thanks for any insite you can provide. [email protected]