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  1. Navable Menu Collapse

    I am having a strange issue where the Navable menu appears to be collapsed into a list.  This has been the case since the first time I dropped the section into the header.  I can't figure out what I'm missing.  Appreciate the help.   Screencap: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2j1tcjhywb8r2ob/navable.png  
  2. Hey guys, I have been searching on how to fix this issue all day. For some reason my secondary menu doesn't work properly only when you are on the home screen. The secondary nav doesn't display any menu items. Also, the primary nav also shows that both menu items are selected, again only on the homepage. It also looks like it is trying to display the secondary nav twice. Here is our main page : http://www.mybringback.com Here is an example of the navs working properly: http://www.mybringback.com/tutorial-series/12875/scene-manager-example/ I have tried disabling all of the plugins and I'm having the same issues. I'm using WordPress 3.5.1. and Theme Base Theme Version 1.0.2 of pagelines Version: 2.4.1 Thanks for the help!
  3. Push all content down

    I'm trying to find a way to push the content on ALL pages down, without effecting the nav. So if there are features, or boxes, or just text I want it further down the page in relation to the navigation. Everything I've found on here just seems to deal with one aspect or the other. Do I need to pad the navigation on the bottom? Or?
  4. Main Nav styling

    Hi I like to copy over styles from nav bar to nav classic. Looking at styles applied to nav bar and am confused. i have added this: ul.main-nav { background-color: #5E8DC8; background-image: -moz-linear-gradient(center top , #6E9ED2, #4574B8); background-repeat: repeat-x; border-top: 1px solid #4574B8; } but this is the only style i could find. Appreciate if you could send me the styles need to be applied to nav classic, to duplicate the same blue nav bar look. thx
  5. I have a full width header .... http://www.midwestwinespirits.com/nw2013/ A site we designed in HTML, and wanting to use Pagelines. I am new to Pagelines. I cannot seem to figure out how to get the image to be the full width of the page. Help??? Thanks Tim
  6. Login on Fixed Nav

    I didn't see any hooks for the space in the fixed navagation. Is there any way to add a login to the end? I was hoping to achieve something like this: http://www.kooi-data.com/ Thanks for your insight!
  7. Hey there, I posted a similar question a few days ago, and was directed to learn more about CSS from w3schools. I spent a lot of time over there and learned a lot, but still wasn't able to quite understand the information I need to be able to augment CSS myself. I am confident I will be able to learn it, but I really need to make this site live. Can you please help me with the CSS I need to make the nav on this site: LearnEnglishU.com ... ... look like the nav on this site: LetsDoEnglish.com I promise to continue to learn so I don't gum up the forum with basic questions. (my developer worked on the LetsDoEnglish site. He is no longer available to work on this, or I would just have him do it.) Thanks again!!!
  8. Hi guys, First time writing here. I just started a new site www.xkdnjzja.com, and I'd like to know what I need to do to use a Google font for the nav bar text. Thanks in advance. Chris.
  9. Main nav customization

    Hello! Guys, I would like to change the classic main menu for another customized menu only in 7 specific pages, i've already created the other menu using the option appearance > menu. I've tried to use the drag & drop templates to customize this but, couldn't figure it out a way of doing this. Googling a bit i've found this http://jc-designs.net/blog/2011/06/displaying-menus-on-specific-pages-in-wordpress/, but i don't now if it's the best way of doing it, taking this php code and inserting inside a hook to make it works. any help? Thanks!
  10. Is there a way to get rid of those light grey ovals behind each feature name (http://www.onebarrel.ca/one-barrel/) so that only the words appear in the feature nav?
  11. Hi, I am working on a site that was built in pagelines and I have tried to make a sub nav for one of the menus. I added a sub nav item via the wordpress menus but for some reason it DOES NOT DISPLAY ON HOVER: You can see it under Construction Info http://www.bernhardt...struction-info/ Thanks
  12. If you take a look at my page: http://burnsconstructioninc.com/ I want a white background between JUST the nav and morefoot. Is that possible? I tried a few different codes in custom css I found around the forums, but they didn't have the results I need. Thank you!
  13. Sticky Menu

    Hello all, This could be a stretch, but i want to make my menu act like it does here: paychex.com. It sticks to the top of the browser when you scroll down. I want to add that functionality to my UberMenu here: test.discoveryoutsourcing.com I found this code: $isSticky=false;if($(this).scrollTop()>82){$("#wrapper>nav").not("[class='other']").addClass("stick");$isSticky=true}$(window).scroll(function(){if($(this).scrollTop()>82){if(!$isSticky){$("#wrapper>nav").not("[class='other']").addClass("stick");$isSticky=true}}else{$("#wrapper>nav").not("[class='other']").removeClass("stick");$isSticky=false}}); Could I use this if I correctly replace the id/class? If this won't work, does anyone else have a possible solution? Thanks, Tim
  14. Hi, I am having trouble understanding your menu/navigation system. In the APPEARANCE-MENU section, you have 4 menu LOCATIONs to choose from: Page Navigation in Footer Columns Simple Nav Section Primary Website Navigation BrandNav Section Navigation But in your LAYOUT- TEMPLATE you have: in the header choices are NAV CLASSIC, SECONDARY NAV, and BRAND NAV in the TEMPLATE area all you can choose is the SECONDARY NAV. So the question s are: - What is the SECONDARY NAV in relation to the 4 LOCATIONS presented by WP? - What is the NAV CLASSIC in relation to the 4 LOCATIONS presented by WP? - How can I have 2 different menus in the CONTENT area?
  15. I'm trying to edit the nav in pagelines. Can you give me snippets of code for each of these categories of changes please...? color of static nav text font of static nav text size of static nav text hover color Thank you so much!
  16. Hi everyone, I need a little help / advice. I want to make the ‘DONATE’ menu item stand out a little more by either changing the text colour and/or background. Is this possible with a little css? Website is www.hibbslupustrust.org Many thanks. John
  17. http://www.andrewkkirk.com/ Recently launched site with latest version of PageLines Pro. I've created several pages. However, in the main navigation, the links for all pages point directly to the home page. I'm able to access these pages by inputing the exact URL directly, just not from the menu buttons. http://www.andrewkkirk.com/blog http://www.andrewkkirk.com/about No plugins are activated.