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  1. Hi Evan, thanks for the usefull sidekick menu. a question: is sidekick a solution to display childpages only? Or is it possible to use it as a standalone navigation menu (with parent and childpages together)? i'm looking for a vertical responsive sidebar menu - without the usual wordpress horizontal main nav. and what about IE behaviour - does it work in Explorer Version 7 (IE 6 support would be great as well). thanks for an answer! peter
  2. I upgraded ambitioninsight.com to the latest version of Pagelines Framework and suddenly my dropdown nav items no longer work, and my font choice "droid sans" no longer shows the correct font. Other fonts still work. I verified Droid Sans and Allow DropDown Nav menus are both selected from within the admin panel. Please help, thanks Did nothing more than upgrade to latest version of PL Framework
  3. page example - http://theresaevans.co.nz/?page_id=25 I am having trouble styling the unordered list in the page content with CSS, when I set the left margin to bring the list in from the left edge, it started effecting the display of the nav bar list items, pushing them further apart and sending some nav page links down to a second line. I would really appreciate soem sugestions on how I can work the CSS to style the list without effecting the list items in the navbar menu.

    Hi there, Some one can suggest me any way to set a nice and workin plugin or other solution to set a lateral nav menu (with dropdown menu to)? Thanks for fast reply. Stefano My Site: http://www.stefanoferruggiara.com