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  1. I tried putting the three morefoot sidebar sections in the morefoot area originally on this site: http://safegroundlandcare.com/ but they only appeared in the left and center columns. The third sidebar section appeared below the  the first. So I used the footer column sidebars in the morefoot area.    Now I've tried to place the morefoot sidebars in the footer area and the same thing happens. No sidebar appears on the right and the contents of the third morefoot section appear below the first morefoot section on the left.    Can't figure this one out. Thanks for any help!
  2. Hi, I'd like to set the morefoot background transparent and the page/post background white... and I'm not able to... I've tried different strategies: - change the colors in the "site options" but the post/page area works together with the morefoot - I should use the footer area, but it doesn't accept callout and boxes - I search for css code to change morefoot background, but I didn't find it Probably I can't see a very easy solution, but I'm not a professional webmaster, please forgive me. thank you! Fabio
  3. Hi everyone, I have just noticed one of my sites http://www.vikihibbs.com that the morefoot & footer are missing!? I have checked all the settings and as far as I can see everything is set correctly. The morefoot should display the twitter bar and the footer uses the full width side bar to display the footer text...this was all working fine earlier in the week. Before I go crazy can someone help me figure what has happened!! Thanks!! John
  4. Interesting Footer Conundrum

    Hi all, I've painted myself into a corner. I need a simple, open, non-columnized text area to add below the main footer area. I've used Full Width Sidebar and Contentbox in other areas of the site, so they're unavailable. If I clone the Contentbox, there are no site-wide options to make it useful as a footer for all pages. The footer section options are limited. Morefoot required three columns. All I want is a simple, one-line sub-footer. Contentbox would've been perfect. Thanks. Any ideas?
  5. On site front page I would like to add Adsense ads to morefoot or footer, but I always get some grey squares; I use the same code I wrote in Primary/Secondary Sidebar, that works. Where could it be the problem?
  6. Section.TwitterBar.php ERROR

    Please help. I am getting this message on the MoreFoot Section of my site: Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /home/f3m1lst/public_html/wp-content/themes/platformpro/sections/section.twitterbar.php on line 80 The Twitter Bar was working just fine. I have replaced the section.twitterbar.php file with a new copy of it, and I am still getting that error on the site: http://www.feminine1st.com HOW DO I FIX IT? Thank you, Claire https://twitter.com/Feminine1st @Feminine1st
  7. Hello, I'm trying to recreate an existing site to the pagelines framework. I would like to add a background image to either the morefoot area or the footer area, but nothing works with whatever CSS I try. For now I have been adding it to the Custom CSS area. I am using firebug but I can't seem to get the right CSS levels. This is the background image I want to add: http://www.motivawebconsulting.com/tpotest/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/footer_bg.jpg This is the URL of my test site. I'd appreciate any direction. Thanks, Antonella
  8. Morefoot color

    Morefoot. Pagelines>framework 2.4 Im trying to change the background of the whole morefoot at the bottom of the site scottsdalescott.com After reading other posts I found the following code: .section-morefoot .content-pad { background-color: #FAF4EB; } I put this in the <> custom code area, but it did not change anything. Any help?
  9. In the morefoot, the title of the widgets is slightly more left aligned than the content... Any way to align them? You can see that in my morefoot footer, where the title "Categories" is more left aligned than the actual list of categories.
  10. If you take a look at my page: http://burnsconstructioninc.com/ I want a white background between JUST the nav and morefoot. Is that possible? I tried a few different codes in custom css I found around the forums, but they didn't have the results I need. Thank you!
  11. Hi, I've added a box to the morefoot area on this page: I've made the background colour of the box black. How do I make the whole morefoot area black so that there's no white space round the box? Thanks for any help offered.