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  1. Modal covered by backdrop

    Hi there, Pagelines version: 2.4.3 Browser(s): Firefox v21.0, Safari 6.0.3 I'm currently building a site (that will itself become a "template" of sorts), trying to reconsruct an existing layout that was originally created with Platform Pro, but this time using only built-in Pagelines features instead of thrid party plugins. Our sites traditionally have both "Contact Us" and "Appointment Request" buttons at both the top and bottom of the page. Previously these have triggered a lightbox type popup into which a page containing the appropriate form was loaded. I love the Modal functionality, so would like to replicate these buttons, but using the modal instead. In the Header I've used the Universal Sidebar so that I can vary the style (with CSS) of the bar on a per site basis - for example on some it will scroll with the page, while on others it will be fixed, it also may have a solid or gradient background. For the Footer the section has just been added directly to the Footer sidebar. I have all of this displaying as per my requirements - with the CSS yet to be cleaned up - however I'm finding that while the buttons in the Header activate the Modal, the backdrop is covering it. The z-index of the elements seems to be correctly set, the same as if they're activated from the buttons in the Footer. The Footer buttons work as expected. Is there a way of either fixing this - I've tried different z-index settings but they don't work - or is there a way of calling the Footer modal(s) from buttons in the Header (Universal Sidebar) instead of having multiple instances of the same modal? The URL for the test site is here: http://www.medicalwebsite.com.au/testsite-pagelines-1/ Thanks in advance.
  2. I want it to trigger a modal popup on the home page of my site and I'm using the Masthead. Is there a way to incorporate this into the Masthead Action Button 2? Thanks
  3. Hi, I am trying to implement javascript in a modal window. I am using the shortcode from pagelines [pl_modal etc. This is the code i am putting in the modal window between [pl_modal (this code implements the jwplayer for audio/video html5) <div id="myElement2">Loading the player...</div> <script type="text/javascript"> jwplayer("myElement2").setup({ file: "http://www.dancemoves.nl/snatam-mul.mp3", height: 40, width: 350, autostart:true }); </script> Result: only seeing the text "Loading the player..." nothing is replaced. In the div should the player appear. Is it possible to do this? So far i implemented an iframe tag and builded the player on a separate page. But this is more direct. There is also a javascript. placed in <head> needed for working correctly. Maybe this script cannot be reached correctly from modal window? I don't know. If this solution works it also solves the youtube video problem, as long as embedding is allowed from YT. Thanks.
  4. Hi, The modal function rocks. I can put everything in it like video and images. There is one thing left i need. Can you provide me with a simple piece of code where i can click from TEXT a modal window. Best would be to provide me with a shortcode for this like [pl_modal title="Title" type="btn" colortype="info" label="Click Me!"] Some content here for the cool modal pop up. Labels, badges, and buttons can open them! [/pl_modal] Only now from text. Would be great! Thanks, Evert
  5. Hey guys! I am using the modal shortcode on a website but I am having an issue with the display on mobile devices. What happens is that when the modal opens on the iphone or ipad, it displays on the top of the screen, and not in the middle (as it does in the desktop). Since I have the buttons on the footer, when I click on them in my mobile devices, I gotta scroll back all the way up in order to see it. I tried to avoid using the modal in the mobile version but I cant think of a better solution. Any ideas?
  6. Hi, I have a modal button that brings up a window with a form in it, is there a setting to make it larger? Here's the page it's on. http://itarsenal.com/question-answer-support/ I've already looked at http://demo.pagelines.me/tools/ I'm essentially using this code [pl_modal title="Title" type="btn" colortype="info" label="Click Me!"] Some content here for the cool modal pop up. Labels, badges, and buttons can open them! [/pl_modal] ...but would like to know if I can make the button huge!
  7. Hi, again... I'm using a bootstrap modal on this page, at the very bottom, just above the footer: http://www.designsbyfelicia.com/services/space-planning-services/ It's the purple link that reads "click here to read the terms and conditions" What do I need to do in order to make this modal "scrollable" so reader can review the whole text??? Thanks