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  1. Mobile plugin

    Hi There Can anyone suggest a plugin that works well with PL for creating a mobile version design of a site?
  2. Firstly, love DMS.  From the small amount I have played with it today it is truly amazing.   However, there are a few things that look a bit patchy at the mo to use it as a live site theme.   IE8 support is NIL!  Sub menus don't even show up.  No slider and iBoxes don't allign.   As for the menu itself, can't make the parent item clickable and on mobile the (child) sub items dont show.   Can we also get rid of the RSS feed icon?  A bit random!   Do you think that charging $15 for the Navable section to address the menu issues is a bit of a joke?  These would appear to be things that the DMS should just do.   Looking forward to getting to grips with DMS.   Stuart
  3. Hi. I have the same theme on all 5 of my sites and styled them quite the same (same plugins, colors etc).   I entered my my custom css styling in my childtheme. Now it seems to work only on Google Chrome on my Desktop. If I open my site in IE on the desktop, Google Chrome or Safari on my Ipad and Iphone it goes crazy.   Some of the css styling works but the header + logo size, sidebar-background, tabs (widget) - color and spacing, optin bars spill over widgets and fixed navbar - font color etc.   It varies from site to site but that is the basic problems. Is there a way to fix this?   Website URL: innerpeke.com; starvingpeke.com; beautyandthepeke.com; memyselfandpeke.com; viciouspekes.com Framework Version: most recent WordPress Version: most recent Server/Host: iPage  
  4. My website, powerhousehomes.com (not fully styled out yet or anything) is super simple. I picked this theme mainly for its responsiveness. The second image that pops up in the slideshow on the main page takes the user to the listing page (post) for that house (http://powerhousehomes.com/?p=11). This works just fine on my computer, but it generates a 404 error when I access it using my kindle or phone. Any help? thank you! 
  5. Classic Nav and Mobile

    Is it possible to have the Nav Classic active for desktop and tablets, but the NavBar for phones and small devices?   It is a lot easier for me to style the Nav Classic than the new Nav Bar, but the new Nav Bar has a much better mobile presence.
  6. Hi all, using Pagelines Framework 2.4.3. At some point, I noticed that the features slider seen on the home page at http://www.newwebsiteforme.com is no longer auto transitioning on IOS. I'm not sure about Android. The slider is working in browsers, just not mobile. It worked on Mobile several days back. I recently added: catloop, sections plugin, child theme because the catloop author said I should. I tried removing the plugins and going back to the pagelines framework with no child. No luck there. any ideas? Thanks!
  7. When our site is viewed on a mobile device (both Android and iOS), the menu icon appears in the top left as normal. When you tap on the menu icon, it expands to display the search box & menu items, but only for a half-second or so, then immediately contracts to display only the search box. Below is the custom CSS I use on the menu. Could it be that my mods have caused this errant behavior somehow? Any thoughts are appreciated. - Chris SITE: http://westminsterlincoln.org/ CSS: .plbrand-text { display:none; } .navbar { font-size: 1.5em; } .navbar .navline { margin-left: 10px; position: absolute; } .navbar.pl-color-blue { background: rgb(0,43,64); background: -moz-linear-gradient(top, rgba(0,43,64,1) 0%, rgba(0,64,94,1) 8%, rgba(0,43,64,1) 100%); background: -webkit-gradient(linear, left top, left bottom, color-stop(0%,rgba(0,43,64,1)), color-stop(8%,rgba(0,64,94,1)), color-stop(100%,rgba(0,43,64,1))); background: -webkit-linear-gradient(top, rgba(0,43,64,1) 0%,rgba(0,64,94,1) 8%,rgba(0,43,64,1) 100%); background: -o-linear-gradient(top, rgba(0,43,64,1) 0%,rgba(0,64,94,1) 8%,rgba(0,43,64,1) 100%); background: -ms-linear-gradient(top, rgba(0,43,64,1) 0%,rgba(0,64,94,1) 8%,rgba(0,43,64,1) 100%); background: linear-gradient(to bottom, rgba(0,43,64,1) 0%,rgba(0,64,94,1) 8%,rgba(0,43,64,1) 100%); filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient( startColorstr='#002b40', endColorstr='#002b40',GradientType=0 ); } .navbar .navline > li.current-menu-item > a { color: #ffffff; }
  8. Our site has ads in the header and sidebar - but they do not show in the mobile view which pagelines automatically provides. Is it possible to modify the mobile template so that I display different sized ads, in different locations, in the mobile view? http://ingoalmag.com is the site. Thanks for any advice you can offer. David Hutchison
  9. Mobile Issues with Platform

    I am having issues with the following site - http://www.groovyplanetfairtrade.com when viewed on mobile devices. I know Platform is not necessarily mobile friendly, however, when I view it on my iPhone and other devices, I am seeing a replication of the menu and a lot of default items/text that comes with the theme, such as :Web design Redesigned" and the Lorem ipsum text.
  10. IE 6-8

    Hi guys. We all know there is no responsive support for IE6-8, which is a big problem when making sites for clients. I have found the warning notice plugin for Wordpress which is infinitely useful, but in terms of the 'disable mobile' option on your framework, it works REALLY nicely to take away all of the responsive features of a site. Now my question: - Is there a way to enable this 'disable mobile' option for JUST IE 6-8, as these are the browsers that struggle the most with support for mobile and ideally are the most likely I would want to have the mobile disabled for. Many thanks Rob
  11. Hi there, I'm currently trying to figure out how to hide a fixed background image for mobile (just iphone initially...)? In the custom css area i've added (as per the documentation on the browser-specific CSS plugin): body.iphone { background-image: none; } However, that doesn't seem to be working for me. I've then had a look in Firebug and I noticed that the image has the style-id 'pagelines-page-bg', so I tried: body.iphone.pagelines-page.bg {background-image:none;} but still no luck. Any clues? I'm kinda stuck until I figure this out... Cheers and thanks
  12. I wanted to even see if this was possible... Is there a way to have the collapsible nav without having the collapsible website. When on a mobile device, I feel like it would be ideal to use the collapsible nav, but would love to maintain the responsive non mobile site below that nav. Does that make any sense? Not all that literate in what makes the site become responsive. If anyone could let me know their thoughts, much appreciated. John
  13. The top-menu works great, but when you change the scale of the browser, there is a button when you push on it, opens a menu that is on top of all. How to edit the menu responsive? http://migrationspace.com/ Thank you!
  14. Hi, I have noticed that the mobile view of my site is not displaying correctly. I have a blog title then language switcher and social icons all displayed in one line on the web: http://wordofmouthlabs.com But on mobile the header behaves differently and site title becomes overlapped with the language switcher and social icons.. It would be nice to display first the logo + title in one line, then the switcher and icons right under. I have tried tweaking the code with Browser Specific CSS plugin, but could not figure it out. Can you advise the solution please?
  15. Site not responsive

    Hello, I'm using Pagelines framework with the responsive setting in the layout editor checked but it does not look responsive when viewed on my mobile. What can I do to correct this? Thanks so much, Kelli
  16. Decker on Mobile

    I love this Section! Only one small problem. I changed the width to 1000, which looks great on desktop. However, on the mobile version, it creates some dead space between the photo and the Decker headline (sorry, I don't have a screencap). Is this because I have monkeyed with the width? Do I need to return to the default 600 x 400 in order to get display perfect on all devices? Thanks
  17. Secondary Nav is great - its the only Nav that lets me assign (header-)Menu's individually for each page !! BUT its not mobile friendly (if I resize the browser, menue points jump to second row...) Maybe has anyone a solution to turn secondary Nav in a "mobile friendly menu" ? (or how to make the mobile menu plugin work with secondary Nav?) ???? That would be awesome! Cheers Julius
  18. In mobile view the sidebar doesnt show up on the side it is actually overlayed on the site. Is there any possible help on this issue?
  19. I'm getting ready to launch the following website for one of my clients: http://santosha.kether-interactive.ca/ While everything looks, for the most part awesome all around, whenever I check the site on my iPhone, the 4 box images at halfway down the homepage don't show up. If I resize my browser window to fit mobile though, they do. I'm not even sure how to go about figuring this problem out because it seems like the images are downloading, but since the Features images right above them are, that doesn't seem like it should be a valid answer?
  20. Sorry for the newbie question but I'm racking my brain trying to figure this out. The "feature" image used to resize automatically when using a mobile device (or making browser smaller) but I changed something and now the image does not resize. Everything else resizes accordingly except for the "feature". Any help appreciated.
  21. I have noticed a repeated error on several of my pagelines sites. I think the problem is only occuring when working with WPTouchPro Mobile, the ba shortcodes throws up an error on the mobile site and blocks the mobile from working. see image.
  22. How do i set a Mobile Theme?

    hey guys! i have a problem with the mobile page of my website: http://heybier.de i would love to make the sidebar invisible in my postings and categories and the menĂ¼ is a problem in the mobile theme. is it possible to change things like that for iphone and android phones? maybe somebody has an idea. tristan
  23. Hi! I just realized that I used the wrong site layout mode ("Responsive with Pixel Width"): This causes the page to "shrink" when the user views the page in a browser window that's smaller than the site size (1100 pixels). Means the columns of all three areas (main content area, primary siebar, secondary sidebar) are displays smaller tahn they should. That looks terible! That's why I switched to "Sttic with Pixel With" mode - that's better ... but only on desktop browsers. When you watch the site on a mobile device (smartphone), this "Static" mode causes not only a black background, but this backgroud lays partially over tho two sidebar areas! Please see the screenshot attached. The original site look you'll find here: mobiwatch.de So my question is: is this a bug? Or how can I make Pagelines show a static page that looks good on mobile devices, too? Thanks in advance!
  24. Lightbox for mobile devices

    I'm looking for a lightbox plugin that can display images, pdf files and galleries in a lightbox / modal window EXCEPT on mobile devices. I have not found any plugins that work reasonably well.
  25. If I create a mobile menu in the WP menu section, is there an option that allows me to choose to display that menu on mobile only? I'm using the Fixed Nav bar and it works perfectly everywhere. I would be doing this as a workaround for the one events plugin I'm using that is funky on a mobile screen.