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  1. Mobile View Whacked Out

    My mobile view is activated and bizarre: 1. The social icons are removed from the header and placed below it 2. The menu is stacked in columns 3. The Masthead text is HUGE 4. The button icons for the feature slider are HUGE Can you help me? I use Pagelines Framework Pro 2.3.3 and WP 3.4.2. Thanks. Geoff
  2. I'd like to include a link in the footer for mobile users to view the full desktop version such as <a href = " http://mywebsite.com/?v=desktop" > Full Site </a> but in framework is there some php that you can help me with to implement this?
  3. Hello! I have two questions about the Postpin section: Will this section support WordPress excerpts (instead of picking the beginning of each post)? Or maybe there is already a solution I missed? I disabled the Mobile View mode in 'Pagelines > Site Options > Layout Editor' on my website [www.photoreview.fr]. Why Postpin section displays 4 columns on Firefox (on my computer) whereas there are 3 columns on Safari iApp (iPad / iPhone)? How to fixed it (I would like to see 4 columns on mobile devices)? Thank you for your kind help! Jean-Philippe