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  1. I've set the Mobile / Default Menu setting in the Layout & Nav section of the Platform 5 Pagelines settings to Mobile menu - that is a menu I have created called Mobile that is different to my Main menu. When I go to a tablet (ipad) or mobile (android device) and click the hamburger menu icon the menu that appears is still the Main menu and not the one I created called Mobile - am I missing something? Do I need to set the mobile menu somewhere else too? WP Version - 4.8.1 Platform 5 Version - 5.1.7 MegaNav Section Version - 5.0.17 Many thanks in advance.
  2. Is there a way to get the mobile menu to close when you click a menu item that is for an anchor link with the same page? Currently on mobiles and ipad the black mobile menu still covers a third or the screen after you have clicked a menu item (that is linking to an anchor link) and it has scrolled to the link / section within the current page. You have to physically click within the page / away from the mobile menu to get the menu and it's black background to disappear. Many thanks in advance.
  3. Mobile Menu Width

    Hi there, Would love to know how to set the Mobile Menu trigger to a broader width than 480px. I would really like it to be right about 1175px. -James
  4. Hi Nav Classic does not show mobile menu when resizing browser window? NAV BAR works fine though, i can see he mobile version by resizing browser window. I have installed SIMPLE CSS LITE and have customized NAV Classic, but mobile menu is very important, have to have it. Appeciate any input on this. thx jane
  5. FYI, after you upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, the Mobile Menu plugin for PageLines breaks the feature and makes things stack on top of each other. I had to take it off of one of my clients' sites at www.Stefonik.com. Can you fix that and issue a new release so that I can put it back? It was pretty slick.
  6. Hello -- just added dropdown buttons to my site only to discover that they're not clickable on an iPhone or iPad. Am I doing something wrong? Site link: http://www.approachguides.com/guides/france/wines-of-france-loire/
  7. FYI, the Mobile Menu plugin does not currently "play well" with Wordpress 3.5.