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  1. Hi! I just realized that I used the wrong site layout mode ("Responsive with Pixel Width"): This causes the page to "shrink" when the user views the page in a browser window that's smaller than the site size (1100 pixels). Means the columns of all three areas (main content area, primary siebar, secondary sidebar) are displays smaller tahn they should. That looks terible! That's why I switched to "Sttic with Pixel With" mode - that's better ... but only on desktop browsers. When you watch the site on a mobile device (smartphone), this "Static" mode causes not only a black background, but this backgroud lays partially over tho two sidebar areas! Please see the screenshot attached. The original site look you'll find here: mobiwatch.de So my question is: is this a bug? Or how can I make Pagelines show a static page that looks good on mobile devices, too? Thanks in advance!
  2. We are using PlatfromPro 1.5.3. The navigation bar and banner are not showing up on mobile devices. After searching the forum for clues I still can;t figure out why. I've tried different themes and have used the switcher settings to no effect. I've treid different mobile themes as well. Still, I can't believe this is a complicated issue. Is there a simple way to enable the banner and nav bar on my site? http://peoplescongress.org [email protected] or [email protected]
  3. Hi, I've posted a question on http://www.pagelines.com/store/plugins/browser-css/ about custom css for buddypress pages on mobile devices. The Browser Specific CSS plugin does not set custom body classes on buddypress pages. Would be nice if this feature could be added.