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  1. I am not leaving PageLines. In fact, I am testing it out and hope it may become a part of my business approach.   However, before I invest tons of time into customizing a whole site into PageLines, I need serious reassurance regarding what happens to the content.   I looked through the basic docs and the FAQ, and didn't see the answer to this question.   Does PageLines store content (including content in boxes and features and such) in a standard way that would transfer seamlessly into another non-PageLines Wordpress theme (perhaps as custom posts)?    What exactly happens to my content if I switch from PageLines to another theme? Where does all my content go?   I am reluctant to risk putting my clients onto a system that they cannot easily leave if they need to. One of the great things about Wordpress is the easy switching between themes. If all my content ends up "trapped" inside PageLines-specific containers, I lose this flexibility.   Thanks in advance for an honest answer. Even if your answer is "sorry, it doesn't work the way you want", I think you have a great system with a lot of potential. I just need to be clear about what happens if my test drive of your system doesn't work out.    Depending on your answer, I may choose to use PageLines for different projects than I'm considering right now, simply because of the nature of their content.   Thanks much!
  2. I have a PL- Wp site on my server, but the domain name is not pointed to it yet. I need to show the client the website before pointing the domain name to it. I would like to put a duplicate installation of it on a different domain name so they can see it. What would you recommend for doing this or migrating it?