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  1. I'd like the meta-information to not only display the authors name, but say "By author". (I'm talking about the metainformation you add with [post_author] on the Blog And Posts page.) How to do that? Is there something one can include in the short code?
  2. Hey guys, i'm pretty new to all this wordpress framework stuff and now i want to change the post-markup of the title and metabar of the posts on a blog page. What is the easiest way, to make my custom loop, with out all this frame work magic Kind regards Marten
  3. Hi folks- Just updated to 2.4 this weekend and I'm having a little trouble with the metabar. I use Vanilla Forums for my comments and until this weekend, the number of comments on a post would show up normally in that post's metabar. Now it's gone. I've checked the Full Width Post Meta setting in PageLines and nothing's changed, it still includes [post_comments] as before. How should I start troubleshooting this? Thanks in advance, as always. You can find my site at http://pockettactics.com/
  4. Hello, I want to show the content of a custom field in the post metabar. Is it possible? Is there a shortcut?
  5. How do I change the saying: "Add Comment" on my metabar to the same saying, but in other language, I converted all the website to portuguese but for this part, is not working... my website is http://www.lilakatz.com Thanks
  6. this is the website I've been building: www.lilakatz.com how do I add the metabar after post, I mean after those pictures of every post? Posts are long so viewers are not finding the metabar to comment... in the blog page and posts page...
  7. Hi, I have created a custom taxonomy for the location. Is there an easy way to get this taxonomy in the metabar? The action map is not showing an action hook for the metabar.
  8. Hi I have set up a blog and find that when I preview the title and metabar are overlapping I attach an example of the sample age showing the problem. I have a little CSS code in for the pages but not sure what else could be impacting this. body{ font-size:12px !important; line-height:20px !important; } h1 { height: 15px; } Any ideas? rgds Znsols
  9. I know how to edit the post metabar data through site options > blog and posts. However, I have added a custom post type (listings) with a custom taxonomy (locations) and can't figure out how to get the custom taxonomy to show up through the short code. I've tried several different combinations [post_locations], [post_listings_locations], [listings_locations], etc., but nothing seems to be working. Any idea/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Hello I'd like to edit the theme file containing the post metabar to include some javascript, preferrably inside the loop.php (because need to use php to call permalink and post title for each post) but i couldn't find this file, would you please advice me which file to edit? I've already created a child theme for this purpose. Thanks in advance
  11. How do I customise how the metabar information is shown? For instance: - The list of categories is separated by commas? Can I change that? - Can I make it show only one category? (my previous theme did this, with lower ID number getting priority) - Can I use CSS to style different parts of the information. This: <strong>[post_categories]</strong> <em> [post_date]</em> doesn't work, but I'd like something like that.