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  1. Hey Pagelines, This is just a small idea I'm putting up for some thought. I am developing client sites with Pagelines Framework with the intent that they manage and develop it all themselves. In Pagelines > Site Options > Advanced, you can choose the user role that can access Post/Page Meta Settings and the Custom Post Types (Features, Boxes, etc.). Now, the problem is that my clients (set to "Editor" user role) don't need access to the Post/Page Meta Settings, they only need to access the CPTs. However, I have to grant them access to the Post/Page Meta Settings in order for them to be able to use the CPTs properly (Post/Page Meta Settings disappear for the CPTs if not granted access to the Post/Page Meta Settings). As we know, the CPT functionality is essentially null without the Post/Page Meta Settings. My suggestion: let the CPT User Role include access to the CPT's Meta Settings as well and leave the Post/Page Meta Settings to decide access to ONLY the Pagelines Settings for Post/Pages. Cheers, Dave
  2. Shortcode in meta settings?

    Can Gravity Forms short code be placed into the meta settings for a section? I've developed a template that has a right hand column who's content is populated from a section meta setting and though the shortcode works in the main content it doesn't appear to work in the meta settings' content. I am using WP 3.5.1 PageLines 2.4 Gravity Forms 1.6.12 and the sample page is at http://test-cms.infousa.com/test-of-templates/