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  1. Firstly, love DMS.  From the small amount I have played with it today it is truly amazing.   However, there are a few things that look a bit patchy at the mo to use it as a live site theme.   IE8 support is NIL!  Sub menus don't even show up.  No slider and iBoxes don't allign.   As for the menu itself, can't make the parent item clickable and on mobile the (child) sub items dont show.   Can we also get rid of the RSS feed icon?  A bit random!   Do you think that charging $15 for the Navable section to address the menu issues is a bit of a joke?  These would appear to be things that the DMS should just do.   Looking forward to getting to grips with DMS.   Stuart
  2. Subnav not working

    Using 2.4.3 Framework with the Simplicitate Theme. I removed this theme because there were other bugs in it, and I thought this might be one of them, but when I returned to the framework as theme the subnav still didn't show up. I have double checked the parent and child pages were properly assigned, and have used several browsers to see if perhaps it was a Google Chrome issue. So far, the subnav doesn't show up in Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, or Opera. Currently, the site can be viewed at http://ashbybp.com/wp. It is live, but not advertised as yet. When it goes live it will be at http://ashby-bp.com. I am the complete opposite of web-guru. I have no idea if any plug-in could affect this site and wouldn't know where to begin in terms of removing them to help. All I know is navigation is going to be seriously hampered until this is sorted. Any assistance would be very greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. In my menu, there are 2 fields with secondary nav drop-downs. When hovered over, the secondary items display, but there's a 6px gap between the primary and secondary nav, which I want to eliminate. I'd ideally use firebug, but when you hover over the space I want to get rid of, the secondary nav goes away (which is why I want to get rid of the space. Help for eliminating this margin/padding/whatever would be appreciated.
  4. I'm using wp-members for my site with Pagelines Lite and want to know how to hide menu items so that they only display for logged in members? Any suggestions?
  5. Hi I'm new to Pagelines and I've just added some menus to my website and after doing so, my social icons have disappeared. Maybe the reason is that the menus are now in the exact same place where social icons used to be. What should I do to make the icons visible again (not necessarily in the same spot)?
  6. I can't seem to figure it out. I have everything set up, menus, settings, parent associations, dropdown menus turned on. Dunno why it isn't working. Thoughts?
  7. 2 Navigation Bars

    Hello, I have been searching for a bit and am not finding a solution. I'm not sure if my problem has a solution. My site is at http://ningboguide.com I am looking to: Permanently display two nav bars in my header. I would like NavBar styling to be on the top and classic or simple nav to be below it. (I'm trying not to use BrandNav because I can't get the thing styled very easily.) I would like to put the Simple Nav that is only allowed in the footer into the header. Is there some way I can do this? Or, is there some way to tell WP that I want NavBar and Classic Nav to use different menu sets that I create in Appearance? I have been playing around with Secondary Nav but there isn't an option to set that in WP Menus? I'm hoping there's something I can do to make Simple Nav available in my header. That would be awesome and easy. Thanks for any help in advance, NJ
  8. Hi, I am having trouble understanding your menu/navigation system. In the APPEARANCE-MENU section, you have 4 menu LOCATIONs to choose from: Page Navigation in Footer Columns Simple Nav Section Primary Website Navigation BrandNav Section Navigation But in your LAYOUT- TEMPLATE you have: in the header choices are NAV CLASSIC, SECONDARY NAV, and BRAND NAV in the TEMPLATE area all you can choose is the SECONDARY NAV. So the question s are: - What is the SECONDARY NAV in relation to the 4 LOCATIONS presented by WP? - What is the NAV CLASSIC in relation to the 4 LOCATIONS presented by WP? - How can I have 2 different menus in the CONTENT area?