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  1. Mobile menu text color, hamburger

    Hi guys Just what is the recommended way to control color in top navigation bar? Which of the Navs (menu or megamenu, etc) is best to use? I have a simple Menu contained in a Container in the Header area of site being developed: http://janerichardsonmack.com/JRMClone am going crazy trying to figure out how to control the color of the text when it collapses to a mobile hamburger/Show Menu abreiviation when I shrink the screen to see what it looks like on mobile, or use Chrom/Firfow Responsive View. Menu text is "whitish" when full nav available, but almost unreadable and dark when Moblie toggle shows!!! Have tried adjusting Font/Color for both the container and menu sections, to no avail. Have looked as CSS in Inspector and can't find where color is set to dark. Thanks