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  1. Hello, I've set the Featured section to fetch all latest posts in Site Defaults under Page Options. And because my aim is to have the image on the left and content on the right, I've also turned on the Advanced mode for the Feature Setup Option to be visible in every post. That's where I individually set the respective post image as Media instead of Full Background to achieve the layout I want. The result is that the Media image indeed appear on the left and content on the right, but the same image appeared as full-width background image as well. Attached is a screenshot for you to view. Maybe when I set a sitewide default, it is on autopilot to draw all photos to set as background already. Not sure if anything can be done within the options. Right now, one option I have is to individually create the features by duplicating all contents from the blog posts to the featured section, which is double work. The other is probably to add a colored background to replace the full-width background. Maybe you can help with a better solution, thanks!