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  1. Hey guys,  I am trying to get a masthead to only appear on the homepage of my site. While using DMS, I try to do local section options it works fine, but it's still posting to every other page as well.    Any ideas on how to disable it from showing on all the other pages? Thanks! Jason   www.zox.la
  2. Masthead Video

    I cannot find a way to get this video: http://vimeo.com/66286070   To autoplay at 100% in the Masthead.   Please assist.   Thank you.    
  3. Masthead <H1> Tags

    Hi Pageliners,    I would like to remove the H1 tags from Mastheads, but maintain the size of the title font. The reason for this is because I am using multiple mastheads per page and apparently it's bad SEO to have more than one H1 tag. Besides, I'd like to use those header tags in my content.    Please let me know if you have any advice.   Thanks, Kevin
  4. Full-Width Mastheads

    So I'm getting up to speed on PageLines, despite the forthcoming changes.  I'm trying to get a basic full-browser-width masthead, as described in the docs and other threads, but it ain't happening for me. Can't get it to go full-width.  Here's my setup:   Under Site Options > Global Settings > Layout Editor 1. Layout Handling set to Responsive/Pixel Width 2. Site Design Mode set to Full-Width Sections 3. Default Layout Mode, I select Single Column (no sidebar) 4. Layout Dimension Editor seems a moot point when trying to get full-browser-width sections.   Then I go to my Page, and select Default Layout. I drag a Masthead into the Header section. But when I save, and view/refresh the page, it's still constrained to a pixel width.  How do I really get full-browser-width sections, that bleeds to browser edges, but then has content within it that is constrained? This is what I don't get. Your thumbnails in Layout and Site Design Modes seem to indicate layout function that I'm not getting.    This is a static layout of content that I'm trying to replicate via PageLines...Any advise would be helpful.  http://chrisphoto.com/chw2.0/rethink/   Chris.
  5. How can I customize a Masthead button so that it will launch Poppy? 
  6. I want to add a video and headline-item text across all pages and all posts of my site. I saw a similar implementation but I could not find a way to do it in Pagelines as of yet. Attached is the desired look-and-feel. There is a video on the left-side and some text on the ride side. The video and the text is the same across the board. Please advise.
  7. Hi, There's a very thin line just below the masthead section. How can I add this very same line to the box section? Thanks
  8. Is there a way to trigger the Poppy plugin from the link field of the hero or masthead unit? I tried a couple of formats and none seemed to work. Since this is a contact plugin I would think triggering it from the typical call to action units would be expected and/or appreciated. Thanks!
  9. So, I'm trying to customize my masthead as seen on: http://peppersloughoutfitters.com I added a background to it, as shown. So no issues there. BUT I want to get rid of the title. I put in the code that goes display: none, which removes the title, but it also alters the position of the background and throws it out of wack. Is there a way to remove the title, and keep the background in the position its at now? As you can see I kept a period as the title, to keep it in place, but I'd like it gone without altering the position of the background. Thank you! I attached an image of what it looks like when I remove the masthead title or even if I reduce the size of the title text.
  10. Full-width Masthead

    Hi everyone, I've been working on this page for a few days and almost have it where I want it to be, but I need help. On this page, I'm trying to get the masthead to be full-width and responsive, like the other sections. I'm also trying to eliminate the buttons, the masthead meta says if no options are chosen no buttons will be displayed, but that is not the case. If anyone can help with this, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
  11. I want it to trigger a modal popup on the home page of my site and I'm using the Masthead. Is there a way to incorporate this into the Masthead Action Button 2? Thanks
  12. hi nick! i love your theme- amazing design and very easy to use! i would like to hide the ginormous welcome banner and masthead, is there any simple way to do this? ideally i would like the website to begin right at the about section, and eliminate the entire intro. i have attached a screen cap of what i want to achieve you can see my website here: www.designersduty.org thank you!
  13. Hello guys, I am having trouble putting an image background in Masthead. There is a "margin" (blank space) I can't get rid off, as I would like to have a full display of the image in the background. The page is: http://www.mindon.com.br/2013/ Hope someone can give me a hand Regards, Vitor
  14. Hi Guys, May I ask you to how can but ( image or color ) background to Highlight, Masthead,Callout and Hero unit sections. Thanks a lot
  15. Reduce space below Masthead

    Hello! I'm trying to reduce some of the massive amount of whitespace between the Masthead section and the Highlight section on this page: http://www.skypeenglishclasses.com/payments/ I've tried using the suggestions here: http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/21089-change-the-height-of-masthead-section/?hl=space+below+masthead and here: http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/21395-extra-lines-white-space-between-pageline-options-how-to-remove-it/?hl=space+below+masthead#entry124426 and a few variations on them, but without success.
  16. Masthead Wonkiness In Firefox...

    Hi there PL team, I just encountered a weird one... I've got a masthead section at the top of this page: http://www.designsbyfelicia.com/from-chaos-to-harmony-book/ It displays fine in Chrome, Safari, and Opera. But in Firefox the link I've got at the bottom of the section (right below the big orange button) is displaying really strangely (see pic) ยป https://www.evernote.com/shard/s21/sh/7d80f43d-c18f-46a1-bfdd-a3d86cfd4987/2ac67a7e9782c111f6acc745cb30490e I created that link by entering the proper HTML in the Masthead section settings > Masthead Meta Text I don't have any CSS that should be causing that issue, all i'm styling in that section are colors, etc., no floats or anything like that... Can anybody tell me if this is a bug, or if somehow I'm causing this?
  17. Masthead & Hero Docs

    Hello, I'm new to latest PL releases, please some wiki on 'masthead' and 'hero'? What are they created for... best way to use them... Thanks
  18. I am trying to build a site using a masthead image that has text built in, but the only way I can get it to show up is if I put spaces into the Masthead text and tagline. This creates a huge gap of whitespace under the masthead image. I did a search here and found a fix with some custom CSS that sets the font size to zero, but it didn't do anything when I tried it. Any ideas on how I could get rid of this whitespace? Thanks!
  19. Hi guys - How can I position the masthead title on top of the masthead image? Essentially switching places. I'm learning - need a little direction. .masthead .splash img { display: block; margin-bottom: 0; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; margin-top: 0; } .masthead .masthead-title { font-size: 81px; letter-spacing: -1px; line-height: 1; margin-bottom: 18px; } Thank you!
  20. Hi supports How to create a image background for Masthead section ? How to make text of Masthead align to left and image to right ? How to change the size and color of text ? I would like the masthead be like the one below https://kippt.com/ thanks
  21. Hi everyone i was wondering if there is a way to have a background image behind just the masthead? i want a simple gradient to break up the sections on the site. thanks in advance,
  22. I'm trying to add a masthead, but have to add a title before the image will appear (http://mstorer.com/). Is there any way to not require the title ?