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  1. DMS2 Maps broken

    Hi guys, I have DMS and the maps isnt working. Here's the link to the site where you can see the error .http://plumb-now.co.uk/ Thanks for your help!
  2. I'd like to request the option to display the "Satellite," "Hybrid," and "Terraine" in the Maps section. I was able to manually accomplish this by changing line 202 in the maps.js from: mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP, to: mapTypeId: 'satellite', But it would be nice if there was a section option to do this. Also, the map zoom level 18 isn't the highest zoom level that Google Maps is able to display. Could you please increase the number to at least 19? Thanks!
  3. Hi, could someone point me in the right direction please as I have no idea where i might be going wrong here. I've added the maps section but all I get is a blank space. I have created an API key (assuming that was the right thing to do) but nothing I do seems to change anything, just always have an empty placeholder. With or without the API key it doesn't make any difference. site is www.tackandfeed.co.uk