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  1. I have a site in progress for a client which needs to be hidden behind a coming soon page. t's my first site on the full Pagelines framework. I've used the Maintenance Mode plugin for years, but it doesn't work with Pagelines. When you try to use it, even logged in as Administrator, you only see the "coming soon" splash page visible to the public. The strange thing is that I deactivated and deleted that plugin and tried two other maintenance/coming soon plugins (Site Offline or Coming Soon and WP Maintenance Mode.) Incredibly, I get the same thing: I can't see my own site. I only see the "coming soon" splash page. I need to be able to see the site to work on it, but because its URL has already been publicised on the client's fliers and business materials, I can't take the maintenance mode down while it's still in progress. What can I do? Is there a Pagelines maintenance mode plugin?