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  1. Hi! I was looking for a solution in the forum... I would like to change thepseudoclasses in the submenu. (hover, active etc...) I tried already everything with css, but nothing....maybe there's a need of javascript? this is my link: http://new.pilates-personaltraining.ch/ Thx Corina
  2. So I have an issues that I've been trying to fix. Basically my main navigation is not automatically shrinking into the responsive style on small screens, but instead it's just dropping into 2 lines. Best example for this is looking at the site on an iPad portrait mode or just make the browser window smaller. How do I change the nav width so that at a certain screen width it switches to the drop-down nav. My site is experts.allbusiness.com. Thank you for you time and hope you can help me with this. See screenshot.
  3. Third Level Into The Navigation

    Hi there, I've a problem with the main navigation: The last item has a third level in the navigation, it's diplaying ok but impossible to click on it. If I move the third level to the first item of the navigation, it's all right. Please, have a look : www.physiscope.ch/wordpress/ Thank's a lot for yours answers. Anne-Christine