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  1. I am using Magazine Style posts on my blog page. I noticed that the default behavior is to automatically set the "min-height" attribute to adjust to the height of the clips so they match in size, and fit the title and excerpt nicely within.    I'm trying to take the metabar and, using CSS, align it to the bottom of the clip. While normally this would seem straightforward using the "position" attribute, the way this is designed prevents this.   I've been looking at the code, and it's the following line that controls the height of the clips:   <div class="hentry-pad blocks" style="min-height: 611px;">   Does anyone know how I could accomplish this?    My site is local, but I've attached a screenshot for reference: http://ge.tt/97sXqVn/v/0?c
  2. I can't seem to find out how I would adjust the horizontal margins between magazine-style clips. Any ideas?
  3. Is there are a way within the Framework to limit the types of pages that the Magazine Layout displays? For example, I would like the Magazine Layout to appear on the Blog and Category Pages, but show the Blog Layout Mode (only full-width post excerpts) on Search Results and Archive Pages.   Can this be done using a hook, or at all?   Thanks.
  4. After upgrading from 2.4.0 to 2.4.1, blog in Magazine Layout displays all posts below each other, not 2 full-width posts and the remaining as half-width posts as clips like it should be displayed according to the settings. For every second post there is a slightly larger white space - as if it was two and two side by side posts with a larger space down to the next two side by side posts. No custom code is used. I have tried to change the settings and reload, but it doesn't work - all posts are displayed below each other. Here is a screenshot of the settings I am using: Other data: Website URL: (Internal) Framework Version: 2.4.1 WordPress Version: 3.5.1 Plugins in Use: StatPress, Connections, Connections Widgets, Configure SMTP, Active Directory Integration, Dynamic Widgets, Pagelines Sections Kind regards, Werner
  5. hey guys, how can i decrease the huge space between blog posts in magazine layout mode ? tried using firebug on this one - but didn't help link: http://www.agenturfactory.de/FACTORY_2012/ thanks for your feedback!