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  1. Hello, My site is at http://ningboguide.com I am trying to configure the clips in magazine mode to do the following (this post may need to go in CSS?): 1) Set width and height when thumb is selected above the title/excerpt as in Site Options. The problem is that it seems to be dragging in the entire photo. I would like it to cut it for me or if I have to set the thumbnail size somewhere in Wordpress I can do that, but I'm not seeing any changes when I configure the width and height of the Wordpress thumbnail settings. At the end of it all, I would like the photos above the clips in magazine mode to all be the same size, not really sure how to achieve that? 2) I like that the clips are relative to each other but I would like to also experiment with a way to make the clips a set size that would more accurately portray a grid effect. I just want to set a standard size for the box and the thumbnail photo. If there is any text that doesn't fit in the box I would like it to be cut off with an ellipses. If anyone has any suggestions how to achieve this, that would be great! Thanks