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  1. [Solved] Pages number size in Loops

    Hi, At the bottom of the loops section, there is the page numbers... I'd like to change their size... (they are too small in my opinion..) Could you tell me how to do that ? Fabien www.youtips.com
  2. External Link for Loops Post

    Hi, I'm using a series of Loops sections on our PL5 site (insights.adaptiva.com), and on one section, I'd ideally like the loops to link to external URLs that are defined in the post in WordPress. Is that possible?
  3. Hello, We are working on a 2 languages site (https://liguecardioliga.be) with wpml, and lately the call of a category in the loops section (and all the sections requiring a category to select posts) doesn't work in the translated language. It worked well until recently so I wonder if it's because of a recent update (wordpress, wpml, pagelines, a plugin?). Anyone has the same problem? a solution? TIA
  4. [Solved] Loops Columns

    Hi, I'd like to create 6 columns in Loops... Is it possible with custom code ? Thanks Fabien
  5. I am wondering how I might be able to move different content around and add different elements to the post loop and sing post. for instance I want to move the metabar above the post title. I also want to put the categories and comments down at the bottom of the post loop. Anyone have ideas on how to achieve this. It seems to me that loops would be the easiest way, I'm just not sure where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated.