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  1. Hello People & Thanks in advance for any light you could bring ! I have this terrible problem i cant understand why it appear... I have 3 different websites with the same Pagelines Lite template and in all of them i have the same custom code and sliders, they are really similar; No new plugins were installed since the Quicslider Worked... Here is what is happening... : the Quickslider wont load... meaning that it only loads a 1000x10px frame, like the one it appears when you wait until the quickslider's image loads... Detail: None of the quicksliders will load in the entire website: www.gesnetconsultores.com Please, if you know the answer or anything it could be causing this problem i would be really thankfull ! Cheers everybody! Nik
  2. Hi, I have a problem and do not know where to look for a solution, hence the request for help. In Mozilla Firefox does not load all the graphics page after page scroll appears whole. Does anyone in this meeting? It is highly annoying. Maybe there is an option of dynamic loading content, which can be turned off. The request for help. Thanks in advance, Regards, Kedark
  3. Hi, We have noticed that running Pagelines is making our server spike up the cpu usage to a 100% then it gets stuck there and makes the website super slow to browse. We were running the exact same setup on a shared hosting servive earlier but now shifted to a dedicated server with a dual core with each core of 3.1 Ghz Dual core with 8 mb cache. We've tried turning off all the plugins which was fruitless, when we changed the theme to Twenty 12 the CPU usage came back to normal. We've been facing this issue for already a few days now and it effects the business terribly. The live support was unable to help us with it. Please review our site and let us know what is going on since the hosting company has been unable to determine anything at all except that it is a php script thats causing the overload. Our site is: http://RocaLabs.com Thanks, G
  4. Too long page load

    Hi there.. My site have too slow loading! I don't understand which can be the problem. Anyone can help me to understand what can be? SITE HERE