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  1. I am using PageLines Lite and had my site set up to show the latest posts on the front page. This was working fine but recently has reverted to showing my home page instead. I don't believe that I have changed anything to cause this. Under Settings->Reading in the WP dashboard 'Your latest posts' is correctly selected and if i change themes to TwentyTwelve the site performs correctly - with the latest posts page displaying as my front page. However, when I change back to PageLines theme it reverts back to displaying my home page as the front page instead. Anyone any ideas?
  2. My Pagelines Lite visual text editor is not operating. When I want to edit page/post, I am only able to use the text/html tab as the 'visual' tab is inoperable. This was only discovered after I upgraded to PageLines Lite Editiion 1.3.3 on 12/31/2012. I deactivated all my plugins and the problem still exists. I even deleted TinyMCE plugin and the problem still exists. I have cleared my browsers cache and the problem still exists. This problem exists on any browser I use. Please help me to learn how to regain the use of my visual text editor. Thank you.